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China inks major deal, returning as key partner
China wants to invest $10 billion for infrastructure projects in Central and Eastern Europe; Albania signs major infrastructure deal, hopes for more.
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China, Albania and a win-win deal
China is stepping in to provide a new source of financing and investment for several countries in a region, including Albania, and the move is positive for all parties involved -- the countries themselves, China -- and the European Union -- which all Western Balkans countries hope to join at some point in the future.
Kledi Kadiu announced “European personality of the year”
Arts and Culture
Gjon Mili’s stroboscopic pictures
Arts and Culture
Berat museums included in regional Museumcultour project
Arts and Culture
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Arts and Culture
Arvizu concludes mission with visit to communist regime’s remote political prison
“The darkness that descended over Albania during its communist dictatorship was brutal, for sure, but more concentrated and inward-focused than in most other countries,” says the outgoing ambassador.
Democrats lose administrative reform case in highest court, vow to fight on
Prime Minister Rama says the Constitutional Court’s decision opens the way for the reorganization of the territory in line with the European Union directives.
Business and Economy
Major Albanian projects to benefit from China’s $10 bln CEE funding.
“China is ready to play an active role in Albania’s highway, railway and port construction, promote more Chinese companies’ investment in cement plants, mining, economic parks and tourism,” says Prime Minister Li Keqiang.
Business and Economy
Economy offers mixed recovery signals
Albania’s prospects have in particular improved as top trade partners Greece has escaped 6-year recession, and Italy is heading toward recovery.
Is the economic climate improving?
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