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Gov’t pushes forward with justice system reform
The Socialist-led government’s draft law has been approved by the parliament’s law commission, despite opposition by the High Council of Justice and the main opposition Democratic Party, which boycotted the vote.
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More efforts for consensus needed on territorial reform
Albania’s government is determined to approve a territorial and administrative reform before parliament goes on vacation in August. It has created a sense of urgency to get the plan going, as opposition to it grows.
Socialist realism artworks attracting more attention
Arts and Culture
Korça bazaar to become tourist destination
Arts and Culture
New photo collection unveils northern Albania in the late 1920s
Arts and Culture
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Territorial reform draft finalized amid opposition
If the new law is approved as is by parliament, Albania will trim its local governing units to 61, far less than the current 373, but the plans has gained many opponents, including the political opposition and the Greek ethnic minority.
IMF: No new fiscal measures needed for 2014
The IMF, which is assisting Albania get back to sustainable growth with a renewed three-year deal supported by a Euro 334 million loan to clear accumulated arrears, says fiscal consolidation is proceeding as planned and no additional revenue and expenditure measures are needed to achieve the 2014 targets.
Business and Economy
Tourist season strengthens lek against euro
Experts expect lek to continue gaining a slight advantage against the Euro even in August when dozens of thousands of migrants, mainly from Italy and Greece, the hosts of around 1 million Albanian migrants, come home bringing remittances.
Business and Economy
Public finances on track to escape budget cuts
The value added tax, which is levied at a 20 percent rate on almost all products and services and accounts for around a third of total government income, registered a sharp 20.7 percent growth in the first half of this year, hinting a recovery in domestic consumption.
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