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Political climate set for hot September
President tells parliament to review three laws, signals veto for administrative reform, as prime minister promises to bypass president’s limited veto powers.
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Editorial: Preparing for a better tourist season
Albania needs to diversify its tourist sources and provide better services to reach its full tourist potential.
Pope Francis says Albania visit will serve to show the world how religions can live in harmony
150 years after the first Geneva Convention, Switzerland and the ICRC call for greater respect for international humanitarian law
In September, discover Albania’s southern coast without the crowds
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Sexual harassment in the workplace ‘rampant’
Many women in Albania face sexual harassment and requests for sexual favors in return for getting or keeping a job, activists say.
Business and Economy
Banks’ profits increase three fold, transfers abroad reach new highs
During the month of July, transfers of funds from Albanian banks to destinations outside the country were estimated at 184 billion lek (€1.289 billion, $1.727 billion).
Gov’t development funds to support new local units out of territorial reform
“We will provide support with capacities and expertise, as well as through the Albanian Development Fund and the Regional Development Fund, which are now being reformatted; we will support new municipalities to design in a shorter time their strategic plans of development.” - Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi.
Business and Economy
Business organization seeks removal of VAT from reimbursable activities
TIRANA, Aug. 20 – The Albanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry plans to propose several changes to the current fiscal legislation in Albania. Among others, one of the most important proposals would be the removal of VAT, the value added tax, or TVSH as it is known locally, when it is used in an activity that is refunded to businesses.
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