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Corruption tops business concerns
Of all the businesses that had contact with a public official in the 12 months prior to the survey, 15.7 percent paid a bribe to a public official.
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Image of armed forces must be protected
It is quite unfortunate that at the time when Albania marks the fifth anniversary of becoming a NATO member, the military, which had long been an institution that saw little or no political interference in Albania, has become part of disturbing allegations.
Five years after NATO membership, European integration is a challenging but achievable goal
NATO in a new international security environment
Vandalized medieval church to be reconstructed
Arts and Culture
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MoD seeks investigation following oppositions’ drug trafficking accusations
Kodheli said the opposition has no proof and is trying to confuse the public with ‘terrible accusations’.
Business and Economy
S&P upgrades Albania’s credit rating to stable
The revised rating comes four months after the giant credit rating agency lowered Albania's long-term sovereign credit ratings to 'B' from 'B+ with a negative outlook on rising debt levels and subdued economic growth and after a new deal has been signed with the IMF.
Business and Economy
Passenger numbers at Albania’s only int’l airport slightly recover
The Tirana International Airport reported a 5.5 percent increase in passenger numbers in 2013, assuring that the current year is following this trend despite the bankruptcy of the main local carrier BelleAir.
Business and Economy
Economic sentiment recovers in year’s first quarter
The central bank survey shows the Economic Sentiment Index improved by 13.4 percentage points to 89.6 percent, but continued remaining below its long-term average, a situation which has been going on since the onset of the global financial crisis in early 2009.
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