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Arrests, demolitions and power cuts drive rule of law campaign
Tens of arrests have taken place across Albania in the past two weeks, mostly among business owners, as the Socialist-led government moves to punish those who build illegally and steal electricity.
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Myth and Albanian history - with a focus on the Second World War
Historical cleansing by the Hoxha regime aimed to establish the perception of the communist struggle against overwhelming foreign invaders and domestic traitors . - By Bernd J. Fischer
Bringing back the full rule of law
Albania, Kosovo face major problems in trade barriers despite good political will, experts say
First online museum of communist crimes inaugurated
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Business and Economy
Albania achieves highest ever ranking in Doing Business report
TIRANA, Oct. 30 - Albania has achieved its best ever result in the Doing Business report, ranking 68th among 189 global economies, considerably improving its image among foreign investors who consider the flagship report as a reference point before deciding to invest.
President, gov’t clash over justice system
TIRANA, Oct. 26 - Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri has sent a letter to President Bujar Nishani protesting against the activity of some judges and prosecutors who, the letter says, had either violated the laws or had been soft in punishing alleged criminals arrested by police.
Business and Economy
Albania risks $359 mln in arbitration court over cancelled concession
TIRANA, Oct. 27 - A U.S based company is seeking $359 million in damages at an arbitration court in Paris after the Albanian government has unilaterally cancelled a 15-year screening concession in Albania's customs points.
Business and Economy
Devoll HPP on track to increase electricity generation by 20%
TIRANA, Oct. 24 - Albania's fragile electricity sector is projected to get a boost by 2018 when two new hydropower plants by Norway's Statkraft are expected to increase the country's wholly dependent electricity generation by around 20 percent.
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