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Albania-Serbia: Back to the cold war? - Belgrade violence calls into question future relations
Albania-Serbia relations suffer major setback following political reactions to violence in a football match between the two countries in Belgrade.
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Back to the cold war? - Serb reactions to violence show two countries moving in different directions
Reactions by Serb leaders to violence in Belgrade stadium show how the two countries are moving in different directions -- Albania forward toward the EU, and Serbia backward toward Russia.
A new chapter in Albania’s EU integration: Deserved recognition and strong encouragement to pursue reform
Late realist painter featured in a retrospective exhibition
Arts and Culture
Agim Hushi ends singing career home with Puccini’s Tosca
Arts and Culture
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Former minister accused of abuse, calls charges ‘entirely political’
Authorities say there are no suspected Ebola cases in Albania.
Lift of 300 kWh threshold to increase power prices
The reform would affect around three-quarters of Albanian households with a monthly consumption of 300 kWh starting next January.
Business and Economy
S&P upgrades Albania’s rating outlook to positive
In its new rating, S&P has revised Albania’s outlook on long-term sovereign credit rating to positive from stable affirming its ‘B/B’ ratings.
Business and Economy
Crisis in construction sector escalates as sales drop to record low
The standstill in this sector is also unveiled by a recent survey conducted by the central bank, revealing that a record high of two-thirds of real estate agents reported they had failed to sell any property, the highest rate since the launch of the survey in the first quarter of 2013.
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