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Optimistic budget scenario okayed amid concern over new tax hikes
“The theory of raising taxes in times of crisis is not productive. Policies should target and promote lending, consumption and foreign investments which bring more employment and are the only way leading to economic growth,” says Nikolin Jaka, the chairman of the Tirana Chamber of Commerce.
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Road to economic growth still uncertain
The government finds itself between a rock and a hard place: More revenue for the state budget lowers overall economic risks by reducing public debt, while too high of a tax level could hamper economic growth and deter foreign investment.
In friendlies with top teams, Red and Blacks draw against France, lose to Italy
Kadare receives ‘De Rada’ award in Tirana book fair
Arts and Culture
Albania’s Anila Rubiku among Top Global Thinkers for 2014
Arts and Culture
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Torrential rain, flash floods hit western Albania, killing three
TIRANA, Nov. 19 - Heavy rain has caused at least three deaths and has flooded many areas in western Albania on Tuesday night, according to the government and the local media.
PM seeks investments in oil-rich Kuwait
TIRANA, Nov. 18 - Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama made a two-day visit to Kuwait in an effort to increase the oil-rich country’s interest to invest in the Adriatic republic.
Business and Economy
Albania’s prospects improve as Greece escapes 6-year recession, Italy heads toward recovery
Prospects for 2015 appear rather more optimistic as the country’s top trade partner, Italy is expected to register positive growth of 0.8 percent overcoming its recession in the 2012-2014 period, according to IMF forecasts.
Business and Economy
Competition watchdog asks for review of fiscal stamp concession
The Competition Authority says the fiscal stamps issued on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages increased by four times, considerably raising costs for the business community which has repeatedly opposed this concession.
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