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U.S. to seek larger presence in the Albanian economy
Nuland: U.S. welcomes the strategic project of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, which runs from the Caspian Sea via Albania to southern Italy, and Albania’s role in energy security in Europe.
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A new era for economic potential
The wind is blowing in Albania’s favour when it comes to future international investments.
Albanian director wins award at Czech film festival
Arts and Culture
Ottoman Sultan’s Balkan photo collection unveiled
Arts and Culture
French scientific vessel visits Albania
Arts and Culture
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Return of travel visas unlikely, say Germany, France
Germany, France send interior ministers in joint visit to Albania to address pressing trafficking, asylum claims and organized crime issues.
Displeased with statement, Albania summons Macedonian ambassador
Military exercise ‘against terrorism’ on Albanian border causes more irritation in Tirana.
Business and Economy
New VAT inclusions to increase budget revenue
Albania’s business community represented by the Konfindustria association says the reintroduction of VAT on imports of machinery and equipment for investment purposes would be a wrong step and with severe consequences to the country’s long-term development.
Business and Economy
Gov’t to sell stakes in 21 enterprises by 2014
In its 2014-2016 economic and fiscal program government says it plans to collect of 172 million euros from strategic and non-strategic privatizations in the next three years.
Summer is upon us. Where are you spending your vacation?
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