British DJ picks Albanian Riviera, supermodel for new summer hit

Tirana Times
By Tirana Times May 25, 2017 14:50

TIRANA, May 25 – British hitmaker Jonas Blue has chosen the Albanian Riviera and a stunning Albanian model to promote his latest summer music video sensation.

Featuring vocals from YouTube sensation William Singe, the brand new “Mama” single showcases stunning views of the Jale and Dhermi beaches along the Albanian Riviera and Albanian supermodel Oriola Marashi.

Only one week after its release, the single by the emerging 27-year-old DJ has already hit about 8 million views on YouTube.

“Mama was a title I had in November and I just wanted to use it, no other dance songs are called that. I just couldn’t figure out the concept then but then I realised I wanted a song that takes you back in your life. It’s about being care free. Going out and having a good time,” the DJ has told British media.

Oriola Marashi, a 21-year-old Albanian supermodel and opera singer, says the new single is on track to become a summer hit.

“I’m pretty sure this will be one of the top songs we will listen all summer, the music video was shot in my beautiful Albania and that’s why it has a special place in my heart,” wrote the supermodel.

The music video comes at a time when Albania is gearing up for its peak tourist season, making a perfect promotion of Albania’s emerging tourism industry.

Offering a mix of sandy and rocky beaches, some of which quite virgin, the Albanian Riviera stretching along some curvy panoramic roads, has also been featured on famous British Top Gear TV series.

Back in late 2015, German giant Mercedes also picked the Shushica valley in southern Albania to promote a newly launched off-road model.

Tirana Times
By Tirana Times May 25, 2017 14:50