Welcome to the beach of Himara mayor!

Tirana Times
By Tirana Times June 15, 2018 13:00
Nikollaq Neranxi, the head of the Association for the Protection of Traders and Market of Albania

Nikollaq Neranxi is a former MP who heads of the Association for the Protection of Traders and Market in Albania

By Nikollaq Neranxi

As we were on vacations in Himara three years ago, we woke up by midnight because my little granddaughter was very sick. She was running a high fever and could hardly breath. We rushed to Tirana  at night thinking that more medical care would be offered in the Capital. During our trip, the situation of the granddaughter got worse and we stopped in Vlora to get emergency medical aid. After making all the tests in Tirana the doctor told us that the girl had been infected by dangerous bacteria for the health, Salmonella and Escherichia coli. Her body was covered with bacteria and the question he asked was: At what beach has the girl been? As a matter of fact, she had gone sunbathing on the beach in the area of Spile in Himara, where we also have our house, and as the children do she stayed almost all the day in the water.

I knew that sometimes ago sewage was discharged into the sea but could not imagine that the question had not been resolved yet. At that time, I made a great noise over the fact of the disposal of sewage into the sea. Even TVs came and broadcasted chronicles but as it always happens in this country the noise of a news, despite how much alarming it is, lasts until a new story comes up and afterwards everything is forgotten and nothing is solved.

What makes me turn back to this issue is the fact that even now when I am writing these lines this problem remains unsolved. The tourist season has started and sewage is discharged into the crystal waters of the Ionian in Himara. When I asked the doctor, who treated my granddaughter when she was gravely ill running a fever as high as 42 degrees C that what threatens someone who bathes in a place where sewage is discharged he offered me this medical explanation: “The discharged sewage into the sea along with the very dangerous chemical composition has much aerobic and anaerobic bacterial strains, which become virulent when they penetrate into organism through different ways like skin, its fissures, through mouth into stomach because of involuntary swallows, through secondary genital organs, through the conjunctivitis of eyes and ears etc. Bacteria like Salmonella, Escherichia coli of different strains cause severe infections in the stomach. Staphylococci and streptococci cause severe skin infections which can lead to severe situations of septicemia etc.

As soon as these bacteria enter the organism they cause grave damages to the eyes up to the harming of cornea, ears’ infections which can create complication like meningites and meningoencefalite in cases of children. Diarrhea can also lead to situations that the patient should be urgently hospitalized and sometimes chronic forms of colitis remain. They can cause  vulvite uretrite etc. in the secondary genital organs,” said the doctor.

I considered it reasonable to publish this detailed medial explanation to understand the effect caused by the irresponsibility of people for whom we vote and pay taxes so that they serve us. But by not carrying out their duty for which they are elected, they become murders of citizens’ health and life.

As inhabitants we have not remained indifferent during these years. The public is aware of the meetings that the Himara inhabitants have held at the City Hall and with Mayor Jorgo Goro. They called us to present us the plan of the Urban Requalification of the zone and because of the many debates taking place those meetings became a media spot at that time. This is the case to recall once more what was the matter in discussion. They wanted to show what investments they wanted to make in our zone while we as inhabitants opposed that for two reasons: first, because the inhabitants had not taken the inherited properties and no work can be done if any inhabitant does not the property title in his hand, and secondly, the investments there were not being made according to the needs and priorities of the zone.

Whoever goes today to Himara will see how the sand has been replaced with concrete, the buildings have been painted with some nasty red colors that only someone who hates that zone can humiliate that so, and hundreds of century old olive trees have been uprooted planting pine trees afterwards. Nothing more disgusting than that could be done! As inhabitants we demanded that as soon as the property problems were resolved investments could be made according to priorities and one of them was the biological cleansing of the sewage which is putting at risk seriously people’s life. You, who are reading this article now, could have been faced for sure with diarrhea in beaches, vomits, fever and probably you have thought that it was a seasonal virus.

As a matter of fact ‘No’, you were wrong; apparently that has been caused as the Mayor, Jorgo Goro has ‘treated’ you with the zones’ fecal discharged into the sea as a welcoming gesture. Because Goro has another program; today he is working for power’s oligarchs how to plunder our lands and properties and invest there. He does not have time to care for the zone and carry out his duty. So you will get sick as long as Goro & Co will be very busy filling their pockets insatiably and shamelessly by going back on his promises to the community which cast the vote for him, and putting a very bad stain on a zone as ours which has always known to maintain and care for that natural wealth given by God to us but which is being destroyed by the barbarians in power.

Tirana Times
By Tirana Times June 15, 2018 13:00