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FYROM imposes visa regime
TIRANA, Jan. 8 – The Albanian Foreign Ministry said it has begun negotiations with Macedonia regarding the visa regime between the two countries. Macedonian and Albanian media have reported that Skopje intends to revoke the rule of issuing visas at border check points and introduce a set of new applications procedures that require the submission of supporting documents by visa applicants for the review of the Macedonian consular section in Tirana. The head of the Parliamentarian Committee for Foreign Policy, Preç Zogaj, criticized such a plan, arguing that free movement was in the interest of both countries who have similar aspirations of EU integration. He also said that Albania will not do the same if Macedonia decides to introduce a stricter visa regime.
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FYROM's Schengen Complex
As far as traveling and visas go Albania has a long history of making concessions to other countries without them bothering to reciprocate. Thus travelers from many countries in the world have no need to waste time and money by applying for visas in Albanian embassies.
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2008 ‘year of major privatizations’
TIRANA, Jan.9- In the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Berisha confirmed hat 2008 will be the year when the privatization of strategic large companies, most of which are state monopolies will occur.
New government in Kosova
TIRANA, Jan. 10 - Albanian high ranking state officials congratulated the re-appointment of Kosova’s new President Fatmir Sejdiu, election of Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi and his cabinet and that of the Speaker of Parliament Jakup Krasniqi.
Governing Democrats under reform
TIRANA, Jan. 4 – Governing Democratic Party senior official, Aleksandër Biberaj, said the country’s political parties would carry on with the process of internal reform that would lead to changes in its 2008 leadership.
Voices on a Cabinet reshuffle
TIRANA, Jan. 7 – Governing Democratic Party lawmaker Preç Zogaj and head of the smaller coalition Christian Democratic Movement, Nikolle Lesi, demanded a cabinet reshuffle so the coalition can win the 2009 general elections.
Is the economic climate improving?
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