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Albania’s Agenda 2008
TIRANA, Feb. 7 – Albanian President Bamir Topi on Thursday appealed to all the country’s political spectrum to intensively and actively participate in the debate for the top challenges the tiny Balkan country faces ahead in 2008. Topi was the honored guest of a forum, titled Albania’s domestic and foreign policy – Agenda 2008 and organized by the Albanian Institute for International Studies, which convened all the diplomatic corps, lawmakers and lawyers, think tank personalities and analysts. Albania’s strong aspirations to become part of the Euro-Atlantic world made conscious everyone in the country of the much-needed reforms held under a loyal and constructive cooperation, according to Topi. “There is no time to lose,” said the president, adding all the government and political structures should strive hard to convince the rest of the European Union member countries to ratify the first half this year the Stabilization and Association Agreement Albania signed with the bloc two years ago, considered as the first step toward membership.
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Albania domestic and foreign policy - agenda 2008
Firstly I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for the invitation and opportunity extended to me to address, as you already mentioned, this excellent audience regarding the viewpoint of the President of the Republic about the domestic and foreign policies of Albania.
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Albania, Macedonia working to lift visas
TIRANA, Feb. 5 – Tirana and Skopje declared Tuesday they fully agreed to lift the visa for their citizens in a deal that will likely be concluded during the Macedonian Prime Minister Nicola Gruevski to Albania later this year.
Rama says Balkans’ future is in Europe
TIRANA, Feb. 4 – Opposition Socialist Party leader Edi Rama, also Tirana mayor, took part at a conference on the Balkans’ future along the European Union context held in Berlin, Germany from the Robert Bosch foundation.
U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talks on Albania’s NATO effort, Kosova
TIRANA, Feb. 6 – In an interview to the Illyria newspaper published in New York, Senator Hillary Clinton, a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 2008 presidential election, spoke about Albania’s NATO membership efforts, Kosova.
Business and Economy
Japan to loan Albania 11.1 billion yen for sewerage facilities
TOKYO, Feb. 5 - Japan has decided to provide to Albania about 11.1 billion yen (70 million Euros) in a loan for the country to build sewerage facilities in areas centering on its capital Tirana, Japanese government officials said Tuesday.
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