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Independent Kosova
TIRANA, Feb. 14 – Kosova and its ethnic Albanians are almost sure they will celebrate independence this Sunday. The date, though yet to become formal, has been said aloud many times during the last week and never been denied or turned down officially by the Prishtina leaders. Preparations have long been going on in Prishtina. But also Albanian opera orchestra is to go to Prishtina to hold three days of concerts. To add to that Kosovar students following studies in Albania have almost all left for their homes. Meanwhile the diplomatic fight, mainly between United States, Europe and Russia is continuing at United Nations in New York. Serbia will have Moscow’s voice at a special session of the Security Council on Kosova. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice says a day earlier that Serbs should not fear an independent Kosova and that her government will continue to help Belgrade’/s road toward integration into the international institutions.
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The hour of Kosova is here
Three questions arise on possible developments on the day after the proclamation of Independence. First, what kinds of pressure could Belgrade exert on Kosovo? Second, what will be the reaction of the Serbs in Kosovo, particularly the Serbs of Mitrovica and third, what will be Russia’s next move?
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TIRANA, Feb. 11 – Prime Minister Sali Berisha said Monday that the status of independence for Kosova was reaching its finish line.
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TIRANA, Feb. 12 - Albania’s Foreign Minister, Lulzim Basha, said that further delays to Kosova’s independence could threaten regional stability.
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Albania to help Kosova after independence
TIRANA, Feb. 12 – Prime Minister Sali Berisha said in a meeting with officials from the Kosovar town of Gjakova that ethnic Albanians in Kosova should be happy about the upcoming independence but also warned they should restrain themselves from any act that could damage their reputation in the eyes of the international community.
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