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Kosova, a new state
PRISHTINA, Feb. 17 – Parliament proclaimed in defiance of Serbia and Russia, which condemned the declaration of the world’s newest nation and jubilant Albanians fired guns, waved red-and-black Albanian flags and set off fireworks over Kosova Sunday. Kosova President Fatmir Sejdiu sought to allay Serbs’ concerns, telling them: “I understand today is a fearful day for you all, but your rights and your property will be protected today as it will be always.” At a special session of parliament boycotted by 10 minority Serb lawmakers and televised live nationwide, sustained applause erupted after the rest of the chamber unanimously adopted the declaration of independence, which was scripted on parchment. They also unveiled a new national crest and a flag: a bright blue banner featuring a golden map of Kosova and six stars, one for each of its main ethnic groups. Few of the new flags were seen Sunday on Kosova’s streets, where the old Albanian banner still dominated. “We, the democratically elected leaders of our people, hereby declare Kosova to be an independent and sovereign state,” the proclamation read.

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Kosovo after independence
Finally Kosovo is an independent state. What are some of the challenges this new born state will be facing? As with any country that proclaims its independence and seeks international recognition, the primary challenge is international legitimacy.
Kosova, a dream comes true
Forsaken Albania
The Big Red Apple: Albanians Celebrate Independence in New York
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Kosova recognition from U.S. and other countries
TIRANA, Feb. 18 - The United States and the European Union’s biggest powers quickly recognized Kosova as an independent nation Monday, while Serbia, Russia, China and some EU members strongly opposed to letting the territory break away from Serbia.
Albania and Macedonia sign visa-free regime
TIRANA, Feb. 19 - Albania and Macedonia on Tuesday signed an agreement to establish a visa-free regime between the two countries, giving an end to a long saga that started earlier this year when Skopje decided to oblige all Albanians be visa issued only at the embassy in capital Tirana.
Business and Economy
ARMO on sale
TIRANA, Feb.20 - The Ministry of Economy and Energy announced Tuesday the opening of the tender for 85 percent of the state oil company ARMO. Until May 2008 companies will be invited to participate in an informational phase which will be followed by the bidding phase.
Opposition in danger of losing coalition
TIRANA, Feb. 20 – Albanian opposition seemed to be on the brink of its division following complaints of the Socialist Movement for Integration that the main Socialist Party was making deals with the governing Democratic Party for the electoral reform.
Is the economic climate improving?
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