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Leftist coalition breaks up
TIRANA, Feb. 27 – The split between the Socialist Movement for Integration of former Prime Minister Ilir Meta and the main Socialist Party of Tirana Mayor Edi Rama appeared closer then ever on Wednesday. Meta’s party sought to register at the Tirana district court as a new leftist coalition along with the other small opposition party, the Democratic Alliance of Neritan Ceka. The main cause of the split seems to be the ongoing electoral reforms. The smaller parties have accused the Socialists of creating a secret alliance with the governing Democratic Party of Prime Minister Sali Berisha that would leave eliminate smaller political parties from the parliament. Amidst the controversy, local politicians are debating whether the new electoral amendments should be based on an open or secret candidates list. The Socialists and the Democrats are naturally in favor of a closed list which would change the electoral system into a majority system where a seat is directly voted on and elected. That would also reduce the parliament seats to 100, from the current 140.
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Albanian politics - Will the past have the final say?
"How much did the latest MP to join your party cost you?" This was the question that an Albanian journalist put to the Chairman of the Albanian Demo-Christian Party Nard Ndoka, current Minister of Health. The party this Minister belongs to, which has just been joined by a new MP who broke away from the Socialist Party, is truly a most rare phenomenon in politics.
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Turkey supports Albania’s NATO bid
ANKARA – Albanian Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha continues to gather international support for the country’s bid for NATO membership at the April Bucharest summit.
Albania - Popular support for NATO membership
TIRANA, Feb.28- Albanians are overwhelmingly positive about integration into NATO. The main finding of a study conducted by the Albanian Institute for International Studies reveals that 91.3 percent of Albanians would vote yes in a referendum concerning entrance in NATO.
FIFA threatens Albania of suspension
ZURICH, Switzerland, Feb. 25 – A senior UEFA official said that Albania could likely be suspended from international soccer activities unless the government stopped interfering in the local association.
Spain to hold debate on tourism in Albania
TIRANA, Feb. 26 – Spain will hold a seminar and debate to discuss its experience on tourism and its impact on the Albanian economy.
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