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Blast tragedy shocks Albania
GERDEC, March 20 - A blast last Saturday at midday at the depot at Gerdec village, some 20 kilometers north of the capital, Tirana, set off a series of explosions, and ammunition continued to detonate for several hours, killing at least 19 perons and injuring more than 300. Rescue experts continue to comb the rubble searching for at least three missing workers and villagers. It is beleived many more have been covered by the detonated land or been burnt. Albanian authorities questioned on Thursday resigned Defense Minister Fatmir Mediu about the series of weekend explosions at an ammunition depot near Tirana which killed at least 19 people and injured more than 300. Mediu resigned on Monday over the explosions, which authorities say were accidentally triggered Saturday during work to dispose of decades-old ammunition stockpiled during Communist rule. Prosecutor general office reported that Mediu was questioned “in the quality as a witness aware of the issue” adding they had also collected more documents linked to the case. Three people _ a Defense Ministry official, the owner and the manager of the Albanian company tasked with destroying the ammunition _ were arrested late Monday for alleged negligence in observing safety regulations.
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Beyond a corruptive affair
The powerful blast at a military ammunitions dismantling factory located close by to Tirana evolved into a tragedy whose death toll is 19 so far and which hurt more than 300 people. This grave event was announced and perceived first as an accident caused by human error or a technical fault.
Eradicating the Roots of Evil
International Conference “Security and EU integration Agenda of the Western Balkans”
Four monumental graves unearthed of IV-III Century BC
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UEFA & FIFA suspend Albania
TIRANA, March 19 - UEFA published the following statement with regard to the situation with the Football Association of Albania (FSF), based on the decision taken by the FIFA Executive Committee on 14 March to suspend the association under the terms of Article 14 of the FIFA Statutes.
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Nokia Siemens Networks chosen for broadband services to Albtelecom
TIRANA, March 18 - Albtelecom, Albania’s fixed network internet provider, has chosen Nokia Siemens Networks to develop a Next Generation system as it moves to offer broadband services to subscribers.
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World Bank presses Albania to raise electricity prices
TIRANA, March 16 - The World Bank has reiterated calls for an increase in electricity prices in Albania, but also pushed for a plan to protect the poor.
Business and Economy
Government closes first chapter for nuclear reactor
TIRANA, March.19- The Albanian government is taking concrete measures to realize the project of having a nuclear reactor in Albania.
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