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FBI probes Albania’s blast
TIRANA, March 23 – Six experts from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrived in Albania Wednesday to help the local prosecutor’s office in the investigation of the blast at the Gerdec disposal factory which killed some 22 persons and injured more than 300. Prosecutor General Ina Rama had made a request for assistance to the U.S. ambassador in Tirana. She received an official response that the FBI would come to Albania to help in the investigation. The FBI experts will help to identify the corpses and also analyze the blast location and to compile a criminal report about the incident, according to a statement.
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The excellence of economics
If there is a single case in Albania's post-communist foreign relations where bilateral ties have recognized nothing but steady progress, without even one step backwards, this case is Albanian-Turkish cooperation.
Interview: Albania - extraordinary willing to show its loyalty to NATO
The Albanian Autocephaly Church celebrated its Centenary
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Ervin Hatibi, in Istanbul, paints scrolls
Arts and Culture
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Official death toll rises to 24
TIRANA, March 25 - Albanian authorities said three women injured during the Gerdec explosion had died at an Italian hospital, raising the death toll from the March 15 disaster at an ammunition disposal factory to 24.
Turkey supports Albania’s NATO membership
TIRANA, March 26 - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday his country would be strongly supporter Albania's membership bid at next month's NATO summit in Bucharest.
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Bankers Petroleum presents $370 mln three year plan for Albania development
CALGARY, March 26 - Bankers Petroleum Ltd. (TSX:BNK) is formulating a plan to spin off its U.S. business while announcing a three-year program, which includes capital investment of $370 million in Albania, the company said.
Opposition resumes protests after NATO summit
TIRANA, March 25 – The opposition is determined to work for the fall of the government of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, however, they appear to be reluctant to be blamed for harming the country’s chances of being invited to join NATO at the summit to be held in Bucharest April 2-4.
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