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Proportional Electoral System?!
TIRANA, April 8 – The main opposition Socialist Party of Tirana Mayor Edi Rama has proposed the establishment of a proportional regional electoral system, a move that was supported by the governing Democratic party of Prime Minister Sali Berisha but harshly opposed by all smaller political parties. The move was made public last weekend by Socialist lawmaker Kastriot Islami, who is also co-chairman of the parliamentary committee in charge of the electoral system reform. The new system will be a proportional one divided into 12 regions in the country, a move that, according to Rama, would avoid the use of the Dushk way, which favors smaller parties gaining posts even if their total votes is fewer than in the last general elections in 2005. The move was opposed by all smaller parties, fearing it would result in many of them being excluded from parliament. But Berisha made it clear that his party had approved the offer and would vote for it. Reforming the electoral system has been a main point of criticism by the international community which has made reform a pre-condition for the country’s integration efforts into NATO and the European Union.
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Albania Deserves to Join NATO
Everyone welcomed the invitation to join NATO. However, there is no consensus on the reasons that produced the invitation. Two viewpoints are articulated at the present: the first viewpoint emphasises the external geopolitical and regional factors. That is to say, the invitation was not rendered because of the domestic developments in Albania, and therefore, it is undeserved.
Conflict and Security in the Wider Europe
Governor of Bank of Albania Informs, Appraises, and Alerts
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Albania’s Edit Piaf, Vace Zela turns 69
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More questioned in Gerdec
TIRANA, April 4 – Prosecutors have questioned residents in Gerdec and workers at the ammunition dismantling factory as part of their intensive investigation of the March 15 blast which killed at least 24 people and injured more than 300.
Tax officials sentenced to prison
TIRANA, April 4 – Tirana district court pronounced sentencing of 15 years for seven former tax officials accused of corruption.
Albania Urges Macedonia, Greece to Resolve the Name Dispute
TIRANA, April 9 – Albanian authorities have insisted that neighboring Greece and Macedonia should resolve their dispute over the latter’s name, which prevented Skopje from receiving a NATO membership invitation at the Bucharest summit.
Number of dead from Gerdec catastrophe reduced by government
TIRANA, April 7 – On Monday, the Interior Ministry police lowered the death toll from the Gerdec blast to 24, from the 27 previously cited.
Is the economic climate improving?
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