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Constitutional Amendments Heat Up Politics
TIRANA, April 16 – Constitutional amendments wanted from both the governing Democratic Party of Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the main opposition Socialist Party of Tirana Mayor Edi Rama have been harshly attacked by all the other political forces, including the country’s president and personalities. President Bamir Topi said in his recent interview to the private television station Top Channel that the two main political forces had not consulted anyone on the required amendments, offered at a time when the country was involved in the reforms for the electoral system. Topi, considering himself as the institutional and moral guarantor of the constitution, called such efforts as not being serious, with “ex tempora” proposals creating an unnecessary disruption and debate. “They show a lack of seriousness, as if we are on the brink of an amateur politics inspired from the momentous emotions”, something which aggravates the climate, adding those were attempts from certain clans to dominate stabilized powers and sliding back to the old Balkan policies.
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The Perils of Consensus
It appears that the Government and the Opposition are heading rapidly towards a full consensus so they can carry out radical changes to the nature of the electoral system as well as other problems that are linked with the administration of the electoral processes in Albania.
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Tirana’s Skanderbeg Square to be renovated
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Defense Minister says Gerdec blast could have been avoided
TIRANA, April 13 – Defense Minister Gazmend Oketa has said if safety rules were followed, the Gerdec tragedy could have been avoided.
No substantial evidence on alleged murder of Serbs in Albania
THE HAGUE, April 16 – The Hague Tribunal found “no substantial evidence” that ethnic Albanian guerrillas killed dozens of Serbs and sold their organs at the end of the war in Kosova.
Business and Economy
Business - Government: The honeymoon is over
Gone are the days when Prime Minister Berisha spoke about the low ten percent flat income tax and business applauded. Now, it seems that the relationship between the government and the business community is increasingly turning sour.
Arts and Culture
The first recording of the Albanian national anthem found
It is an old recording, an original recording, very rare which can only be played on a fast speed gramophone.
Is the economic climate improving?
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