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Albania Says No Serb Transplanted After Kosova War
TIRANA, April 23 – In a first official reaction, Albanian Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha on Wednesday said unproven claims of Serbs killed and their organs sold after the war in Kosovo were a serious threat to peace and stability in the region. Former war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte claimed, in her recently published memoirs, that Kosovo Albanians transported between 100 and 300 people, most of them Serb civilians, into northern Albania in June 1999 to murder the Serbs and remove their organs for transplant operations.
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Carla Del Ponte Is Not Carla Del Ponte
Carla del Ponte has written a book. In her book, amongst other things, she claims that prior to execution by the Kosovo Liberation Army, vital body organs of at least three hundred Serb soldiers were removed and sold in the West.
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UK to lead EU police mission to Albania
TIRANA, April 21 – A British group will lead the EU Police Mission to Albania (PAMECA), in partnership with the Albanian government, in a move which the British considers a boost in its fight against organized crime and illegal migration.
OSCE welcomes new Albanian electoral system
TIRANA, April 22 – The OSCE Ambassador in Albania, Robert Bosch, welcomed the adoption of constitutional changes to the electoral system in Albania, saying he hoped they would provide further impetus for timely completion of the electoral reforms.
Five injured after quarrel
TIRANA, April 21 – Five persons were injured by automatic rifle fire after a quarrel between two families on Monday.
Libyan delegation in Albania
TIRANA, April 21 – A Libyan delegation made a visit Monday to Albania to discuss increase of bilateral relations in all the spheres.
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