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A Visit to Carla Del Ponte's Fanciful Clinic
After a grueling three and a half hours journey along a horrendous road beyond the city of Burrel (North East Albania), we stand before the man, in whose house Del Ponte, in her Memoirs, believes the transplantation of body organs took place and perhaps the execution of Serb prisoners too. His name is Mr. Abdullah Katuçi and he is 74 years old. “They arrived at noon, on a July day of 2004. Two foreigners, no Albanians and the moment they arrived they began taking photographs of the house,” relates Katuci for “Tirana Times.” They said they had come on business because they were the “investors” in the motorway project of the Road of Arber nd that they had come to see “what they had invested their money in.” This is about all the old man recalls. (The Road of Arber will in fact run through the area some kilometers further on from the village). “They spoke Albanian, but they weren’t Albanians,” recalls Old Man Katuçi, whose house stands on the very outside perimeter of the village of Ripë, 18 kilometers from Burrel. “They resembled Americans; quiet and laid back. They asked if I could let them a room, but I didn’t accept,” said the old man. Two months later, the old man was summoned to the Office of the Prosecutor of the District. “I signed a declaration that those foreigners had not slept over at my house that night, and then I left and returned home. One week later I was summoned again.
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An Agreement Not To Facilitate Visa Granting
The so-called “visa facilitation” agreement between the European Union and Albania came into force some months back. This agreement foresees an easing of the travel procedures of Albanian citizens to different EU member countries.
‘Corruption Is Not A Game; It Is A War’
European Week 2008 Organized In Albania
Best Designed Mascot For An EU Campaign For The Albanian Children
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Berisha Throws Political Arrows
TIRANA, May 6 – Besides speaking of high evaluation that his cabinet’s work had received from Brussels along the country’s integration efforts, Prime Minister Sali Berisha launched several arrows Tuesday that obviously reveal his political targets at the moment.
Business and Economy
The Constitutional Court Strikes Down Penalties Law
TIRANA, May 5, 2008. The Constitutional Court of Albania has decided to strike down an amendment to the fiscal code that requires from the businesses to pay 15% of the fines imposed on them by the tax authorities before they can appeal their case to a higher tax authority or the court.
Business and Economy
Food imports widen the trade deficit
TIRANA, May 4, 2008. The first quarter of 2008 has provided additional evidence that the Albanian economy is so far unable to reduce its trade deficit.
Basha at the new politicians conference
TIRANA, May 2 – Albanian Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha took part in an international conference of the Atlantic Association of New Politicians held in Tirana.
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