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Top Media Magnate Dies In Car Crash
TIRANA, May 26 – Thousands of people paid their respects Saturday at the funeral of Dritan Hoxha of Top Media, Albania’s most successful media magnate. Hoxha, owner of Top Channel TV station, Top Albania radio, Top Gold radio, Digitalb, Gazeta Shqip, and also a coffee trader, was driving his car, a 2007 Ferrari Fiorano, when the car left the street, hit a tree on the bank of Tirana’s Lana river and split in half. Besides killing Hoxha, 39, the crash also claimed a passenger in the auto, Entela Hysko, 27. Hoxha’s death turned into a public display of grief followed by questions about his legacy in the media and in Albanian business, where he was a symbol of the new Albanian post-communist entrepreneurial class. Hoxha’s media outlet has been an irritant to governments, both of the existing administration of Prime Minister Sali Berisha of the governing Democratic Party and the former Socialist party government. Top Channel has been recognized for playing an important role in post-communist Albania with independent news reports and investigations focusing on corruption and crime in the country, particularly the corruption that has plagued Albania during its post-communist period.
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Justice needs deep reforms, says president
TIRANA, May 28 – President Bamir Topi told the justice officials Wednesday that reforms of their system needs big efforts in order to achieve a trusty level.
Gerdec Becomes A Political Issue
TIRANA, May 26 – Two months after the March 15 blast in Gerdec which killed 26 and injured 302 persons, the issue seems to have been completely enveloped by daily political battling between the country’s two main political parties.
Albanian court frees top arrested official
TIRANA, May 26 - The Albanian Appeals Court, on Monday, freed Arben Sefgjini, the head of the country’s tax service, who had been under house arrest facing charges of torture and murder, saying he could remain at liberty as he did not present a flight risk.
Business and Economy
METE penalises the oil importers
The Albanian Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Energy enacted a number of regulatory controls on oil importers.
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