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Clashes Between Premier And President
TIRANA, June 5 – What was long expected following the recent political clashes among the governing coalition members was recently reflected in an open clash between the governing Democratic party’s Prime Minister Sali Berisha and President Bamir Topi elected from that party less than a year ago. The contested issue was the nomination of five new judges for the Supreme Court that were decreed by Topi. But Berisha and his party were displeased with the way Topi had decided to choose them. They said that according to the interpretation of the Constitution Court on such a previous cases, the president should be normally consulted with the two main political groupings in the parliament before decreeing new judges. That was not done by Topi and the parliament has not put them on the agenda saying that they should first ‘check’ the nominees’ previous experience and the like. New Supreme Court judges are normally decreed by the country’s president and then voted in parliament.
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The US Ambassador: Make It Work
These past few days in the political table tennis played of the parliament, or more accurately between the parliament speaker and the prosecutor general’s office, related to the investigation into the Gërdec tragedy in which 26 citizens lost their lives...
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Albania gets roadmap for visa liberalization
TIRANA, June 3 – Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha went to Brussels Tuesday to receive from the European Union headquarters the roadmap the country should follow in order to be issued visa liberalization with the bloc of nations.
U.S. Wants Politics Out Of Gerdec Investigation
TIRANA, June 3 - U.S. Ambassador John Withers met Tuesday with Prosecutor General Ina Rama to appeal to Albanian politicians to not become involved in the investigation of the March 15 Gerdec tragedy.
Business and Economy
European Parliamentarians Discuss Rising Food And Energy Prices
TIRANA, June 4 - Thirty-three Members of Parliament (MPs) from across Southeast, Central, and Eastern Europe discussed investment climate, rising food and energy prices, and aging and demography challenges in the region.
Speaker wants more documentation from Prosecutor General
TIRANA, June 3 – Parliament Speaker Jozefina Topalli asked Prosecutor General Ina Rama on Tuesday to provide more documentation to support her request for lifting the immunity of former Defense Minister Fatmir Mediu, leader and lawmaker for the governing Republican Party, regarding his role in the March 15 blast in Gerdec which killed 26 and injured 302 persons.
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