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U.S. Rings Bells To Albanian Politics
TIRANA, June 19 – U.S. Ambassador to Tirana John L. Withers expressed his open criticism against the governing Democratic Party which earlier this week turned down in a voting the five presidential decrees with names of the new judges of the Supreme Court. In an interview to Panorama newspaper, the ambassador also appealed to residents of Gerdec, the March 15 blast area, to still stay away from the dangerous area and also appealed to politics to keep hands away from the prosecutor office’s investigation on the case. The ambassador said he was deeply concerned from the parliament’s voting last Monday saying that lawmakers exploited technical details to bypass and turn down the spirit of democratic principles. The actions of the Parliament on Monday night, frankly speaking, were unworthy of a democratic institution,” said Withers, adding that now all politicians should resolve their differences and do not try to gain political advantage. “The Supreme Court is simply too important to become a political football.”
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Supreme Court Judges Take Politics Into A Fight
TIRANA, June 18 – Following much pressure from the opposition the parliament voted Monday on some presidential decrees on the nomination of five judges for the Supreme Court.
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Business and Economy
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