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Withers: I’m Not Involved
TIRANA, June 24 - The U.S. ambassador to Albania, on Tuesday, denied allegations by a senior House Democrat that he had approved the removal of evidence of the illegal Chinese origins of ammunition being shipped from Albania to Afghanistan by a U.S. defense contractor. Ambassador John L. Withers said, in a statement, that he was studying “the content of that letter and will prepare a full refutation of any allegations against the U.S. Embassy or himself once he has done so.“ The ambassador said he was “a steadfast believer that a fair examination of the evidence will lead, in the end, to the truth. He applies that principle equally to himself and to others in the absolute knowledge that the evidence in this matter, fully presented, will dissolve any and every assertion made against him, his staff, or his government.“
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Albania The State Of Corruption And The American Dossier
The Albanian authorities invstigating the 15 March explosion at Gerdec, Vora where 26 persons lost their lives and another 300 were injured, now need to take another opening into consideration - the illegal or semi-illegal - trafficking of arms from Albania to Afghanistan.
Fischer: Albanian Politicians Too Concerned With Power
Fishing ban finally gives Ohrid trout a lease on life
SKANDERBEG: Busting The Myths Around The Legendary Crown
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Opposition wants Berisha’s resignation
TIRANA, June 24 – The opposition Socialist Party on Tuesday said Prime Minister Sali Berisha should resign and his parliamentary immunity lifted so he may be prosecuted for his involvement in the Gerdec March 15 blast and also for alleged arms shipments to Afghanistan.
State Department To Probe Alleged Cover-up In Albania
TIRANA, June 25 - The U.S. Ambassador to Albania has denied allegations of wrongdoing, but in Washington the State Department’s Inspector General has opened an investigation.
U.S. Ambassador accused of removing evidence of illegal arms shipments
WASHINGTON, June 23 – It was reported Monday that a senior U.S. House Democrat wrote a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accusing the U.S. ambassador to Albania of approving the removal of evidence of the Chinese origins of ammunition being shipped from Albania to Afghanistan by a U.S. defense contractor.
Diveroli arrested and charged in weapons contracting case
MIAMI, June 22 – Efraim Diveroli, the 22-year-old from Miami Beach, whose AEY Inc. company had a contract to supply the U.S. military with ammunition for forces in Afghanistan, has been charged, along with three others, with providing prohibited Chinese-made ammunition and claiming it came from Albania.
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