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Secret Files Haunt Albanian Politics
TIRANA, June 29 – Parliament Speaker Jozefina Topalli said that three drafts not acted upon for the past two years would be added to the agenda of the parliament this month. She was referring to the draft laws regarding the former Sigurimi (security) files that have allegedly involved many personalities in the country. The draft laws focus on increasing the transparency of high officials, a move that has been neglected, though all political parties have asked for such legislation. In this case, it seems the bill is being pushed by the need for the President to nominate seven judges to the Supreme Court. Topalli’s governing Democrats had asked the president not to include judges who were involved in processes during the former communist regime. But that was rejected by the president. Observers have noted that the Democrats may be exploiting their majority in the parliament to impose such a principle. Whatever the reason, it will most likely eliminate from political and official ranks those people who have a shadowy past from the communist regime.
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Three judges accused of corruptive behavior
TIRANA, June 28 – The High Council of Justice has asked for the firing of three judges who allegedly declared innocent Mihal Delijorgji, the businessman who owned the Gerdec ammunition disposal factory that exploded March 15, killing 26 persons and injuring 300.
Business and Economy
WB: Good Improvements But Still Lagging Behind
TIRANA, June 30 – This year’s updated version of the Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI), compiled by World Bank researchers, showed that the country has still much to do to fight its main shortcoming prohibiting much of its moving ahead in the market economy—corruption, despite improvements in the last year.
Europe Expecting Completion Of Electoral Reform, Justice Reform
TIRANA, June 28 – European Union officials told Albanian politicians and officials they should complete their electoral reforms before next year’s elections.
Belgium completes ratification of Albania’s SAA
TIRANA, June 28 – Belgium has become the 21st country to ratify Albania’s Stabilization and Association Agreement signed with the European Union two years ago.
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