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Albania A Step Closer To NATO
BRUSSELS, July 9 – Albania, together with Croatia, signed a set of protocols with NATO on Wednesday, considered an important step prior to joining the alliance. A dispute with neighboring Greece over its name continues to keep Macedonia from being accepted into NATO. The signing ceremony was held at the alliance’s headquarters in Brussels and considered largely a formality since NATO had already agreed to bring the two Balkan countries into the organization at a summit in Bucharest this past April. “This is a historical achievement, not just for these two countries but for the entire Atlantic community of nations,” said NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. “Albania and Croatia have implemented major political and military reforms and, therefore, earned their rightful place at our table.” The protocols, signed by the ambassadors of NATO member states in the presence of the Albanian and Croatian foreign ministers, alter the North Atlantic Treaty — NATO’s founding document — to add the two Adriatic states’ names to the list of members. NATO membership is ”the fulfillment of the paramount ambition of the Albanian people,” and the ceremony “marks the crowning of our long and determined efforts,” Albanian Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha said.
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Albania Set To Continue Reforms For NATO Full Membership
Three months ago at Bucharest, NATO invited Albania and Croatia to start accession talks that would lead to the fulfillment of a paramount national aspiration of Albanians, full membership into NATO.
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Topi urges judges not to be influenced by politics
Speaking at a meeting of the High Council of Justice, where a case was discussed in which three judges allegedly mishandled a past case (Mihal Delijorgji, arrested for the Gerdec March 15 blast that killed 26 and injured 300 persons), Topi said political problems in the country should not infect the judiciary.
Meta accuses Berisha of closing Gerdec blast investigation
TIRANA, July 7 – Ilir Meta, leader of the opposition Socialist Movement for Integration, said the Gerdec file on the March 15 blast that killed 26 persons had yet to be opened and accused Prime Minister Sali Berisha of the governing Democratic Party of trying to take the judiciary under his control.
Law on communist spies threatens lawmakers, says PM
TIRANA, July 8 – Prime Minister Sali Berisha expressed his determination Tuesday that all files of top officials would be open and persons linked to the former communist secret police, Sigurimi, would be removed from their posts, whether they are ministers or lawmakers.
Delijorgji Complains Of Intervention In The Judiciary
TIRANA, July 9 - Mihal Delijorgji, of Alba Demil company which owned the disposal ammunition factory in Gerdec which exploded March 15 killing 26 and injure 300 persons, has accused Kreshnik Spahiu, deputy head of the High Council of Justice, of unfairly violating his rights and those of the judiciary.
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