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Albania, An Important Part Of U.S. Weapons Scandal
TIRANA, July 14 – The March 15 blast at the Gerdec ammunition disposal factory not only killed 26 persons, injured 300 and damaged thousands of houses, but also sparked an investigation by the U.S. Congress about the alleged failure to follow laws when selling ammunition stored in Albania that was made in China. Though the scandal involved Albanian officials, a U.S. Congressman, Rep. Henry A. Waxman, has launched an investigation directly accusing John L. Withers II, the U.S. ambassador to Albania, of playing a role in helping hide evidence of a crime. The news of the U.S. investigation was reported Monday by the Los Angeles Times. For readers, it is worthwhile reading this article to understand what democratic tools may accomplish in a democratic country at a time when Albania claims to have already become a democratic country. However, in Albania, only the prosecutor general’s office has launched an investigation while the parliament, on the other hand, only ‘sells’ attacks and counterattacks of a political character.
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Opposition Calls For EU Candidacy Move
TIRANA, July 13 – The Albanian opposition insists the country should immediately ask for EU candidacy status in September. Socialist leader Edi Rama said that Europe’s enlargement should continue despite negative voices coming from different countries, or the negative answer from the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
Albanian president turns down voices of a Greater Albania
TIRANA, July 14 – In an interview with the Serbian Beta news agency, Albanian President Bamir Topi said that, following the creation of Kosova as a new state, Tirana had no prejudice or conditions for Belgrade and that both countries would profit from their ties.
Portugal parliament ratifies Albania’s SAA
TIRANA, July 13 – The Portuguese parliament has ratified the Stabilization and Association Agreement Albania signed two years ago.
Albania, Bosnia may liberalize visas
TIRANA, July 12 – During a visit to Sarajevo, Parliament Speaker Jozefina Topalli discussed the possibility that both countries may liberalize their visa regime.
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