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Albania Asks For A Limited OSCE Mandate
Albanian Foreign Minister, Lulzim Basha
TIRANA, Aug. 5 – Albania request a limited mandate for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe - the judicial and the electoral reform, within a clearly defined time frame.

After thanks for “for its work and assistance in the domestic democratic developments”, Albanian Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha has sent a letter to the Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb, OSCE’s chairman-in-office, confirming that Tirana was asking for a reconsideration of its mandate.

“I would like to bring to Your attention the request by Albania, already expressed at OSCE in Vienna, on the modification of the Mandate of the OSCE Presence in the country,” said Basha’s letter.
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"OSCE - Time (Not) To Go"
The Albanian Government contested allegations according to which it is pushing for the OSCE Presence in Albania to leave the country, precisely when Albania is on the threshold of an electoral year, the campaign of which has already begun and which is forecasted to be a tough one.
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Some 65 Voting Commissioners Indicted
TIRANA, Aug 6 – Clirim Gjata, head of the Central Election Commission, said they had punished with administrative measures or indicted some 65 commissioners working before in the local voting commissions but none had suffered anything. Gjata complained that there was nothing done against them.
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TIRANA, Aug 5 – Smaller parties making up the coalition from both sides of the country’s political spectrum, including the governing Democratic Party and the main opposition Socialist Party
Business and Economy
Trade Deficit Sees Slight Decrease
TIRANA, Aug 4 – The trade deficit in June this year was 5.8 percent lower than the previous month, according to the Institute of Statistics. In June, there were reported 11,466 mln leks of exported commodities, an increase of 12.7 percent compared to May and 23.6 percent compared to June 2007.
Montenegro Court Convicts 12 Ethnic
PODGORICA, Aug 5 - A Montenegrin court convicted 12 ethnic Albanians, including four U.S. citizens, of plotting a rebellion in the Balkan country. Judge Ivica Stankovic sentenced the defendants to prison terms ranging from three months to nearly six and one-half years.
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