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Macedonians Invade Albanian Beaches
Vlora beach has turned into an attractive point for vacation to Macedonian tourists
TIRANA, Aug 14 – According to the last expectations from the travel agencies and local authorities more than 200,000 Macedonian visitors are expected to pass their summer vacations in the Albanians beaches this summer.

We are not speaking of ethnic Albanians from Macedonia. No, not counting them. We are speaking of ethnic Macedonians preferring this year to pass their time in Albania, especially along its Riviera in southwest of the country.

Unconfirmed figures report that more than 100,000 Macedonians have come to Albania for their summer holidays so far this year. That is a significant increase compared to a year ago.

Their presence will make this summer season an excellent year for Albanian tourism.

One may ask why Macedonian’s have opted for Albania in such numbers.
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Political Flare-up May Threaten Albania’s Nato Hopes
TIRANA, Aug 11 – The recent political fighting, including verbal clashes ranging to ‘death’ threats, risk Albania not becoming a full-fledged NATO member next year. That warning was given last month by Washington, claiming the central government and Prime Minister Sali Berisha was trying to concentrate all power into his hands.
Protest with anti-Albanian slogans
HIMARA, Aug 11 – Hundreds of residents gathered at the town hall in Himara while waving anti-nationalistic slogans. Many of the protesters arrived by bus at a time when immigrants return home for vacations to protest against the privatization of the land along the Riviera.
Business and Economy
Albania – Resuming Efforts For Hydropower
TIRANA, Aug 11 - A burgeoning economy and a massive infrastructure effort has put new hydropower construction back on the agenda in Albania after a decade of delays. The proposed plan would capitalize on snow melt and annual high rainfalls, using extensive storage systems for all-season power, landslide control, irrigation and drinking water. The country’s vast lakes would host eco tourist resorts combined with already extensive fishing and nature reserves.
Business and Economy
Albania Advised As A Destination For Investment Property
TIRANA, Aug. 11 - Countries that recently joined the EU, such as Romania, or with aspirations to join in the coming years, such as Albania, are recommended for real estate investments due to the high growth potential offered by their markets, according to consultants Basque Kategora Investments. The manager of the company, Kepa Apraiz, explained his company’s real estate consulting during event in Bilbao.
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