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Radical Slash Of Social Insurance Tax
Cabinet meeting
TIRANA, Aug 20 - In an effort to promote payment of the social insurance for the Albanian employees the government reduced the payment for social insurance to 15 percent.

The government made the second action in two years. In 2006 it lowered it from 43 to 31 percent of the salary and on Wednesday to 15 percent (starting from January 2009) in what followed as a positive consequence the "progressive consolidation of the fiscal discipline," as Prime Minister Sali Berisha said.

The government approved in June a plan to raise pensions in urban areas by 10 percent and in the countryside by 15 percent.

The raise will also come into effect from July 1. The government also raised the minimum wage in February by 10 percent following recent hikes in the price of bread.

The minimum wage now stands at 16,000 leks per month.

Though the payment is a moderate one many private companies and individuals themselves do not pay it, something which, on its side, affects the future of the payment of retired people.Only 46 percent of the employees pay the social insurance.

Most of the social insurance payment should be done by the employer but it is often learnt that they either do not pay it at all or declare only a small number of employees working for them.
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Arts and Culture
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Corruption Hampers Positive Progress In Albania, Says Report
TIRANA, Aug 18 - A recent report, drafted by PRS Group INC in co-operation with Albanian authorities and published by the International Monetary Fund, said the business climate in Albania has improved but corruption has harmed positive images of the country's progress. Albania received an extreme number of black points in the IMF annual report on business climate conditions.
Berisha Claims Successes This Year, Opposition Counterattacks
TIRANA, Aug 16 - Prime Minister Sali Berisha of the Democratic Party said, last week, that this year was a success story for the country, listing a series of achievements his executive had accomplished during its first seven months. The premier claimed fast economic growth, which he considered as the only tool in the fight against poverty and unemployment.
Business and Economy
Government Wants $140 Million More For Rreshen-Kalimash Segment
TIRANA, Aug 17 - The government made known that the Rreshen-Kalimash road segment will need an additional 13 billion leks (about $140 million) to be completed. Deputy Finance Minister Sherefedin Shehu said the money was needed this year to complete the next segment of the road.
Business and Economy
IMF Warns Of Power Negative Consequences
TIRANA, Aug 21 - The International Monetary Fund repeated in its last report that the power crisis and the transport sector development may have long-term negative effects on the Albanian economy. Albania's National Strategy for Development and Integration (Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper) was prepared by the IMF and the International Development Association (IDA).
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