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Albania-Russia Diplomatic Clash
TIRANA, Aug 27 - In what seemed to become news after a reaction form Prime Minister Sali Berisha, the Albanian Center for International Trade reported that Albania had sold 2.3 million Euros of shells, grenades and ammunition to Georgia in 2006.

Berisha denied Tuesday Tirana had sold weapons to Georgia and denounced Russia of behaving badly against small countries.

A top Russian army official had said a day earlier that Albania was among other Balkan countries selling weaponry to Georgia.

The Center, funded from the USAID, regularly reports on the country's trade exchange since 2002 based on the data it gets from official institutions, like the customs. It is not illegal for Albania to sell weapons to other countries, but it seemed that was exploited by Russia in the existing crisis following the armed conflict with Georgia on South Ossetia and Abkhazia regions.

Arm traffic in post-communist Albania seems to have been a dark part of the governments.

It became evident after the March 15 blast in Gerdec at the ammunition disposal factory which killed 26 and injured 300 people. It was then learnt that Albania was not only disposing ammunition but also selling much of that to Afghanistan.
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Barometer Drops On Tirana-Moscow Relations
For a few days, Tirana and Moscow exchanged a spate of cutting remarks linked to the crisis in the Caucasus. Russia alleged that Albania had sold arms to Georgia. At the beginning of last week, a top ranking Russian Army official stated that Albania was among those countries running arms to Georgia. Prime Minister Sali Berisha, in person, publicly refuted these allegations, stating there was no truth in them at all. The Albanian Prime Minister declared that the Kremlin perseveres in its aggression against the small countries.
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Forsaken Albania
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Russia-Albania ties not affected by Georgia's crisis, says ambassador
TIRANA, Aug 27 - Russian Ambassador to Tirana Alexander Prischepov said that the diplomatic ties between the two countries were very good despite the recent clash of words on the sale of weapons to Georgia. Prischepov said at a news conference Wednesday that Albania was in the list of the countries selling weapons to Georgia, a fact that was made known earlier this week by a top Russian army official. Following that Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha denied that and accused Moscow of behaving badly toward small countries.
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Albanian Tourism, Infrastructure And The Good Will
SARANDA, Aug 26 - Authorities claim success in promoting tourism this year, as an increasing number of tourists visit Albanian beaches this summer. However, local residents living in tourist areas speak differently, saying they observed a decrease in the number of tourists, particularly ethnic Albanians arriving from Kosova and Macedonia. And the infrastructure, especially the road network in the country, "advertises" to tourists that Albania is not yet ready to be offered as a world-class tourist destination. A trip to Saranda along the Riviera beaches tells a lot about Albanian tourism, says observers.
Berisha denies any arms sale to Georgia
TIRANA, Aug 26 - Prime Minister Sali Berisha has denied that Albania had sold weapons to Georgia, as a top Russian military officials said a day earlier. Berisha rejected what the Russian media said, listing Albania among the countries from the Balkans that had sold weaponry to Georgia.
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Kesh Loses One-Third Of Power
TIRANA, Aug 26 - The Albanian Electro-Energy Corporation, or KESH, loses 33.3 percent of the power passing through its lines, according to the figures released from the Institute of Statistics. During the first half of this year it lost 1.155 GWh, or 33.3 percent of its electricity, which is the same figure as last year.
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