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Visas lifted between Albania and Macedonia
TIRANA, Sep 2 – The Albanian Foreign Ministry reported that its residents would not need visas when crossing into neighboring Macedonia.

Earlier this year, Skopje decided to issue visas only at its embassy in Tirana, a move that caused alarm by Albanians, also urging Tirana to retaliate with the same regulations for Macedonian citizens.

Following the outcry, Skopje’s parliament passed a law allowing Albanians to enter the country without visas.

However, officials said a mistake in the procedures at the Macedonian parliament had postponed passing the law till this month.

Macedonian citizens needed no visa when entering Albania.

Now, Albanians only need to have proof of health insurance when going entering Macedonia.

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The Foreign Affairs Minister of Albania was also present at the emergency meeting of the NATO Foreign Ministers on the crisis in Georgia. Albania is yet to become a fully fledged member of the Alliance, but the invitation to join, given to it at the Bucharest Summit (along with Croatia), in April this year, certainly paved the road towards membership with full rights. It is expected that this will take place soon. At the Cologne Summit in Spring which coincides with NATO’s 50th Jubilee, Albania’s Ambassador to the Alliance will take his seat as an equal alongside the 26 other member countries of the Alliance.
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Berisha launches electoral campaign
TIRANA, Sep 2 – No general elections are expected in the near future in Albania. Elections are scheduled for June 2009, according to the constitution. Meanwhile, the parliament is still debating the electoral code, something expected to be completed by the end of this month.
Albania starts the month of Ramadan
TIRANA, Sep 1 - Muslims in Albania began observing, early Monday, the holy month of Ramadan, which takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The feast is celebrated by Muslims throughout the world, who do not consume food, liquids or tobacco from dawn until sunset during the entire month.
Business and Economy
BoA: Domestic economy to suffer the impact of global stock market
TIRANA – Situation in the international financial market constitutes a risk for the Albanian economy due to the huge dependency of the country on imports. The evaluation was published during the latest report from the Central Bank of Albania , CBA. According to the monitoring office of the bank, the foreign environment carries a certain potential risk that should be always kept under watch.
Opposition still in internal conflict
TIRANA, Sep 2 – The opposition has started its electoral campaign with an internal fight regarding who is to enter the coalition and which party will likely lead it. The main Socialist Patty of Tirana Mayor Edi Rama has secured the support of the Christian Democrats of Skender Gjinushi and, also, the Social Democrats of Paskal Milo who was previously expected to join a different group.
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