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Czech company buys Albania’s power distributor utility
TIRANA, Sep 29 – The Czech power utility CEZ CEZsp.PR was the winner of the international tender for the sale of 76 percent of the Albanian Distribution System Operator (DSO) and offered 102 million Euros.

The Economy, Trade and Energy Ministry opened the bids Monday for the sale of 76 percent of the power distributor utility aiming to alleviate a power crisis that has recently caused regular power cuts, according to a statement.

Italian Enel S.p.A was eliminated after it did not meet the technical performance criteria.

Austria's EVN and Energie Steirmark withdrew.

DSO (OSSH in Albanian) has been separated from the KESH power corporation in an effort to improve management.

Electricity shortages have become almost regular in the last three years in Albania, one of Europe's poorest countries, with an overall negative impact on the economy.

Tens of millions of Euros (dollars) are spent every year to buy electricity from other countries.

Post-communist Albania has had chronic electricity problems, which have been blamed on poor management, an outdated distribution system and lack of money.
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The Albanian System's Immunity vs. Global Crisis
Ardian Fullani* The spread of the U.S. economy crisis to the international financial markets and the uncertainty for the nature of its effects, the institutions’ map, the types of instruments and its extent, do theoretically increase the risk of its impact on the financial system at home. Basically, this crisis has not provided its impact on the banking activity in Albania.
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O’Irish out in Tirana
6th week of Spanish cinema
Arts and Culture
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Justice resumes political fight
TIRANA, Sep 30 – There is a new fight between Prime Minister Sali Berisha and President Bamir Topi. That is reform in justice, or corruption in justice. Premier Berisha directly accused the High Council of Justice (KLD) headed by the president for not doing enough to reform the judiciary system, a main target of international criticism on corruption.
Business and Economy
Albania and Verbund EVN sign agreement on hydroelectric power
TIRANA, Sep 30 - The Austrian Verbund and EVN signed a concession contract with the Albanian government for the construction and operation of a hydroelectric power for 30 years. The group will invest 160 million Euros for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant to produce 48 megawatts at the northern Drini River, the fourth plant on the river.
Janusz Bugajski Dangers lurk ahead for the new coalition government in Macedonia. Skopje sees NATO and EU entry as its policy priorities but cannot achieve its targets without resolving the dispute with Greece. If there is no solution over the name question Macedonia will not receive an invitation to NATO at the April 2009 summit or a membership track to the EU.
U.S. Senate approves Albania’s Croatia’s NATO membership
WASHINGTON, Sep 27 – The U.S. embassy in Tirana called a historic moment in U.S. Albanian relations the fact that the U.S. Senate voted to approve Croatia’s and Albania’s NATO Accession Protocols to the Washington Treaty. As one of the first countries in the NATO Alliance to vote in favor of this important document, the United States eagerly looks forward to welcoming Albania as a full partner in NATO, said a statement.
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