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Fazlic detention sparks political debate in Albania
TIRANA, Oct. 6 – The detention of Damir Fazlic, a controversial businessman already under investigation for fraud, sparked an intensive political debate in Albania with the opposition accusing Prime Minister Sali Berisha of doubtful links to the underground world.

Fazlic was detained last weekend in Sarajevo together with former Hague accused and Bosnian Muslim wartime commander in Srebrenica Naser Oric and they were asked for alleged racketeering together.

Fazlic is a businessman whose name has been linked to numerous scandals, not only in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but in Serbia and Croatia too.

The late Zoran Djindjic’s former adviser Vladimir Popovic claimed on a number of occasions to have documentation on Fazlic pertaining to his criminal activities in Serbia and his links to the so-called Tobacco Mafia and its ringleaders, while he was also questioned by Serbian police in connection to Djindjic’s murder.

The scale of the crimes in question is still unclear and the operation has yet to end and more arrests can be expected.

Fazlic was also mentioned for registering a number of companies in Albania dealing with construction and fuel trade that also involved Berisha’s close family persons.

Fazlic was also mentioned as the mediator to bring the U.S. BG&R company to assist the governing Democratic Party’s electoral campaign three years ago.
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A week ago the Bosnian authorities arrested a local businessman, Mr. Damir Faslic on charges of financial blackmail. The fact that Faslic had worked on or mediated for the involvement of the American lobbying company BG&R in favour of the Democratic Party of Albania in the 2005 general elections transformed his arrest in Bosnia into a front page story of the written media in Albania. Apart from the press, the discussion of all the links of Faslic with the Albanian Government dominated the debates in Parliament at the beginning of the week.
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