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EU-US warns Albania against interference at prosecutor’s office independence
The U.S. Embassy Spokesman Bix Aliu issued a statement Monday saying that “we are very troubled by the recent actions of the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Interior to interfere with the independence of the Prosecutor's Office during an on-going investigation. All cases should be fully, completely and independently investigated without any outside interference or threats to prosecutors. Respect of all independent institutions is essential for a healthy democracy.”

That was directly connected with the recent clash between the prosecutor’s office and the government on an investigation against Fazlic.

EU condemns pressure on prosecutor

Following the United States a day earlier on Tuesday European Union Ambassadors in Tirana condemned an attack launched by Prime Minister Sali Berisha against Prosecutor General Ina Rama.

"The Ambassadors of the European Union are troubled by recent developments concerning the judicial system in Albania," they said in a joint statement.

"We strongly call upon all, particularly the government, to respect the Constitutional provisions and principles of good governance, including accountability to the law."
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Justice Under Investigation?!
These past days, the Ambassador of the United States of America and the Ambassadors of the EU countries accredited to Tirana have been expressing major concern over the Government's intrusion into the affairs of the institution of the Prosecution. This alarm articulated repeatedly and publicly, is linked with latest declarations made by the Prime Minister and representatives of the Ruling Majority
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Faslic, the kind of “lobbyist” we don’t need
The very least that could be said about Damir Faslic, the person who has been making the headlines in the Albanian written media for days now, is how shady a character he is. The structure of the answers he gave in his interview on the talk show “Opinion”, the structure of his very own “Top-Story” becomes even shadier with the possibility that Faslic could be “a suspect,” in other words someone who may have broken the law, but this remains to be proven by the relevant authorities in the days to come.
KS Tirana beats AC Milan 2-1 in a charity match in Tirana
TIRANA, Oct 15 - Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti was upbeat despite his side losing 2-1 to Albanian minnows FK Tirana in a charity friendly on Tuesday night. Italian football legend, AC Milan, teamed up in an exhibition game with K.F. Tirana at Qemal Stafa Stadium in support of Albania Reads an initiative that supports the establishment of libraries in public schools and a movement that promotes the culture of reading among school children.
Forsaken Albania
Tirana, 1937. In 1928, when Zog was proclaimed the Sovreign of the Albanians, his father, Xhemal Pacha had long since passed away and the young Monarch was still living together with his mother, Sadija, a daughter of the Toptan Family, who remained at the side of her son until the moment of her demise at a very old age, in the year 1934, and who was buried in Tirana.
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Governor says Albania not threatened by world crisis
TIRANA, Oct 15 – Central Bank of Albania Governor Ardian Fullani said that Albania was not seriously threatened by the world financial crisis due to its relatively low level of exposition of its financial system to the world financial institutions and the products that caused the crisis, low level of integration and the good capitalization of the activity of the European banking groups
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