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5 Drowned in illegal boat capsize
Butrint, where the tragedy happened
TIRANA, Oct 20 - An overcrowded boat carrying illegal migrants capsized Sunday in a lake in southern Albania, drowning a woman and her 3-month-old baby, police said. Twenty-four other migrants were rescued, including a pregnant woman.

The small fishing boat was carrying 13 people when it sank just 60 meters from the shore Sunday evening. At the same time, another boat was also taking migrants to Xarre village, from where they would illegally cross on foot over the border into Greece. They chose to cross the lake by boat to avoid the national road regularly checked by police.

The dead woman, 22-year old woman, Elvira Jaho and her baby, died while her husband was among the survivors. The family was from Lapardha, Berat district, according to officials.

They were living in Greece as immigrants but only the husband had proper documents. The family had returned to Albania after Elvira Jaho’s brother had been killed in Greece.

The migrants told police they were charged 1,000 Euros, to be paid upon their arrival in Greece.
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Bad news about the law
The latest loss of life of five Albanian citizens, who drowned when the boat in which they were secretly being ferried across the border into Greece capsized, has re-opened the debate between the ruling majority and the opposition over the effectiveness of the “anti-trafficking” measures and the issue of the visa liberalization with the European Union countries. However, in following the dynamics of events and the testimonies of the witnesses
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Forsaken Albania
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Business and Economy
Albanian banks told to keep cash
TIRANA, Oct 20 – The central Bank of Albania has told the country’s commercial banks to hold all cash collected in Albania and not transfer cash to banks in other countries. Currently, there are 16 commercial banks operating in the country and only two of them are locally owned. The BoA said that holding the cash will guarantee that Albanian banks retain their proper liquidity.
Business and Economy
Italian Festival invades Tirana
For two weeks, from October 20 to November 2, citizens of Tirana will have the opportunity to get a better look and taste of Italy. The two weeks festival will present a variety of business workshops and cultural activities to promote Italian products and culture in Albania. The event, the first of its kind, has been organized by the Italian Institute of Foreign Trade (ICE) and with the support of the Italian Embassy.
Opposition asks for Berisha’s resignation
TIRANA, Oct 20 – Following the recent calls from Washington and Brussels that the government should not interfere in the judiciary’s independent work, the main opposition Socialist party openly called for the resignation of Prime Minister Sali Berisha. That was the first open call from the Socialists who had, till then, said they would leave the decision in the voters’ hands during next year’s general elections.
Business and Economy
German investors say property ownership solution would bring more money
TIRANA, Oct 22 – German businessmen who are taking part in a joint meeting with Albanian counterparts made it clear that the problem of the property titles and disputes on its ownership remained the only problem in the tiny Balkan country that is looking for more foreign direct investment. Prime Minister Sali Berisha invited them to turn their eyes and money to the energy projects in the country
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