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Albanian Government warns for possible global crisis impact in the country
Global crisis could affect Albania, says Ruli

In an interview for BBC, Mr Genc Ruli, Minister of Economics, said that the global crisis could affect Albanian exports, foreign investments flow in the country, and remittances from immigrants evaluated in the range of 1 billion US dollars per year.

Q: Mr Ruli, to what extent do you think Albania will be affected by the current crisis in the international capital markets?

Ruli: Of course, Albania is not isolated from the international market therefore there will be consequences. However, since we are not fully integrated in the regional and global markets will be affected only to a certain degree regarding possible changes in foreign trade.

Q: Is there one sector of the Albanian economy directly affected by the global crisis?

Ruli: Our exports will be affected, considering that 90% of our exports are oriented toward EU countries and any decrease in growth and consumer demand in EU could reflect with a decrease in our exports.
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Business and Economy
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TIRANA, Oct 29 - Greek Airline Company Sky Express Airlines landed for the first time at Tirana International Airport (TIA) Tuesday becoming another carrier operating from Albania’s only international airport. The airline has scheduled direct flights to and from Crete on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Thessaloniki on Mondays and Fridays.
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TIRANA, Oct 27 – Italy will be a strong supporter to Tirana’s integration efforts into NATO and the European Union. That was the main conclusion coming out of the day-long visit of the Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini in Tirana Monday. Frattini said that there was a "mutual interest" in that road that should continue with the reforms along the institutional framework.
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Business and Economy
Banks need to liberalize house crediting in order for the housing market to improve
House crediting averages a low 173 Euro per person Bank house crediting in Albania accounts for 6.9% of Albanian GDP or around 173 Euros per person. The indicators, published by a study from Bank of Albania (BoA), are much lower than EU countries. Only Romania, an EU country scored lower due to specific factors in the real estate market carried from the past.
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