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Next year election fundamental to Albania’s progress, says EU
TIRANA, Nov 6 – The European Commission published its 2008 progress report for Albania stressing explicitly that general elections next year in Albania would be a keystone for the country’s further progress toward integration.

The report also repeated that fighting corruption and improving the judiciary were other main topics of concern for which the tiny Balkan country should focus its attention.

It also made it clear that, though not excluding the possibility, signing a visa free regime with the country needed much more conditions to be fulfilled beforehand.

As normally expected in this country, the report was hailed by the governing coalition of Prime Minister Sali Berisha as a success story. Berisha also pledged to Europe his executive considered that as its road map and would further continue reforms.
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See how good we are at talking about elections in America!
Politicians here have an annoying habit. Whether at a wedding or a funeral, they are the first to speak. Not even the US presidential elections were an exception to the rule. “How outstanding this, that and the next thing were, about the campaign”! Historical! Undreamed of! Brilliant! Awesome!
Albania hails Obama’s election
Reputation Counts....
Forsaken Albania
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Business and Economy
Albania better than the region in bad credit scores.
Albania is one of the countries with best credit record in the region. According to a recent comparative study by BoA, Bank of Albania, only Romania and Turkey have a better score than Albania, while there is a huge difference with the remaining countries. The introduction of the credit registry will decrease the bad credit phenomena further for banks. According to the study, Serbia scores the worst in the region with bad credit counting for 21.4% of the banks credit.
Lawmakers threaten hunger strike to protest new electoral code
TIRANA, Nov 6 – A group of lawmakers mainly from the opposition but also governing coalition partners threatened they will start a hunger strike to protest the make up of the electoral commissions excluding their participation based on the new electoral code. Ten lawmakers of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Christian Democrats, Socialist Party 91 and other smaller political groupings sent a letter to President Bamir Topi not to decree the new electoral code.
Ambassadors’ conference sets annual goals
TIRANA, Nov 3 – The annual conference of Albania’s ambassadors was held for five days last week and included the participation of foreign ministers and other top officials from European countries and the United States. The conference analyzed the work during the last year and set goals for the year to come. Albanian diplomats considered the country’s membership invitation into NATO a success along
Business and Economy
Business groups say fuel price kept artificially high
TIRANA, Nov 3 – The business association, Konfindustria, acknowledged that wholesale fuel businesses were abusing the market by maintaining higher prices at a time when oil prices had fallen to almost 60 dollars per barrel. Diesel prices in Albania are between 135-140 leks per liter despite the fall of diesel prices on the world market. When oil prices were 147 dollars per barrel the diesel in Albania was 155-160 leks per liter, yet the reduced price does not reflect that.
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