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Albanian lawmakers launch hunger strike
TIRANA, Nov 10 - Eleven lawmakers of Albanian smaller political parties on Monday started a hunger strike to protest against a new draft electoral code that, according to them, tries to drive them out of parliament.

Parliamentarians of the opposition Socialist Movement for Integration and the Socialist Party 91 were joined by the governing coalition member, Christian Democratic Party, at the parliament hall accusing the two leading political parties _ the governing Democratic Party of Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the main opposition Socialist Party of Tirana Mayor Edi Rama _ of monopolizing the administration of the electoral process by excluding their smaller allies from the electoral commissions.

``We are obliged to declare the hunger strike as the only democratic and civil way remained to us to stop the Berisha-Rama revanche and their anti-national, antidemocratic goal of destroying the future elections through frightening the Albanian voters and through a Stalinist counting of their votes," Ilir Meta of the SMI read the statement at the parliament session.

Last April the two main political parties, which have the bulk of the 140-seat parliament,
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The Strike, the Issue of the Free Vote
HENRI ÇILI Everyone gets a turn to fight a battle for the free vote in Albania! The question is-when. Ironically enough, fate has placed the former Prime Minister Ilir Meta, the principle, but not only author of the problematic elections of 2001, in a position today where he stands in defence of the free vote in Albania, even if this means resorting to ultimate political means:
Albania awards famous Albanian-American actor
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Michel Platini visits Albania
Eleventh edition of the book fair to be held in Tirana
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BelleAir begins new route between Tirana International Airport and Zagreb
46-seat ATR 42-300 aircraft provides comfort and quality Tirana International Airport (TIA) held a ceremony on Wednesday, 12 October 2008, to celebrate the beginning of a direct route between Tirana and Zagreb. The new thrice weekly service is provided by the low-cost carrier BelleAir and operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, departing from Tirana at 12:00 hours, arriving in Zagreb at 13:30, returning at 14:30 and arriving at 16:00 hours.
Apartment building collapse kills 3
TIRANA, Nov 10 – The collapse of an apartment building in southern Albania killed 3 people, injured four and left unsheltered at least 13 families. Rescue teams found the bodies of two women and a child Monday beneath the rubble of an apartment building that partially collapsed in southern Albania, police said. Fifteen people were evacuated when part of the building collapsed in Gjirokastra, 140 miles (225 kilometers) south of Tirana, on Sunday; four of those were slightly injured.
EU intervenes to stop failed political fight
TIRANA, Nov 9 – The European Commission officials in Tirana had to intervene with a statement to explain the Albania 2008 progress report and what the Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn meant when he said that Albania’s EU accession progress was “a half empty, half full glass.” Head of the EC Delegation office in Albania, Helmuth Lohan reiterated the call that Albania’s 2009 parliamentary election will be key to the country’s progress towards the union.
Forsaken Albania
North Albania in the twenties of last Century. I have frequently spoken about the relationship that exists between the Albanian and his arms, but today I would like to expand the view on this relationship to after death.The large photograph shows how final respects are being paid to a highlander after his death. It was the custom of certain zones that the deceased was presented in a mortuary ceremony, seated. From his attire and general appearance he belonged to an affluent family or perhaps he had been a Bajraktar (feudal chieftain).
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