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Parliament approves new election law
TIRANA, Nov 19 - Albanian parliament approved a new election law, ignoring demands of a group of ten lawmakers on hunger strike.

The law passed by 112-1 votes late Tuesday, with the support of Albania's two largest parties. The 10 deputies called off their hungers strike shortly before the vote. General elections are due next year.

Albania was invited to join NATO earlier this year and hopes the election reforms will signal a commitment to strengthen its democratic process _ a condition for further integration with the European Union.

But many Albanians are sensitive to voting changes after enduring decades of oppressive Communist rule.

Small parties say the reforms could exclude them from parliament, and attracted several thousand people to a protest outside parliament Tuesday in favor of the deputies on hunger strike.

They argue the new system will also make it harder to ensure a correct tally of the votes in a country where past elections have been fraught with organizational problems.

The protesters included supporters of the small Christian Democrat party that is in Prime Minister Sali Berisha's governing conservative coalition.
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The UN Six Point Plan on Kosova: How to make a weak State fail
The UN Six Point Plan on Kosova which was to have paved the road to the establishment and functioning of the EULEX Mission in Kosova appears to be an adequate plan to transform Kosova from a weak State into a failed State. This may seem absurd in view of the fact that the Six Point Plan is an agreement of the UN with Serbia and the European Union, the majority of the members of which have already recognized the independence of Kosova.
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Corruption Is Robbing Albania Of Its Future
07 November 2008 - The struggle will not succeed unless prosecutors are given free rein to investigate offenders; lifting immunity from prosecution for all officials would also help. The United States places a high priority on combating corruption. We view it as a threat to development and prosperity. Corruption jeopardizes political stability, weakens democracy, and stymies growth and foreign investment. Corruption robs a nation of its future and people of their dreams by misappropriating investment away from areas that need it most, such as the public sector,
Business and Economy
Albania Oil Discovery ‘Worth $11.9 Billion’
17 November 2008 Tirana -- A new independent oil report release by Manas petroleum estimates the value of its unproven Albania oil discovery to be as much as $11.9 billion (€9.3 billion). Vast and untouched reserves of oil and gas have been discovered in northern Albania, Manas announced in January. The report was compiled by Gustavson Associates LLC on behalf of Manas Petroleum Corporation, which has been awarded a contact by the Albanian government to explore the north of the country for oil and gas reserves.
Business and Economy
Albania BoA sees 2009 GDP growth above 4 percent
TIRANA, Nov 17 – The central Bank of Albania said that economic growth in the country in 2009 was expected to surpass recent forecasts made by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), more than four percent. The IMF said that growth in Albania in 2009 would probably be in the range of 3.5 to four percent. The BoA governor Ardian Fullani said that growth would be from 4 to 4.5 percent, though the central government, on its side, stuck to the 6 %
Scottish jailed for child abuse
TIRANA, Nov 19 – The Tirana court found a 57-year-old Scottish man guilty of abusing children in orphanages and jailed him for 20 years.John David Brown, a charity worker from Edinburgh. John David Brown, a charity worker from Edinburgh, was convicted Wednesday by a criminal court in Albania's capital Tirana. The verdict described Brown as "a threat to society" and said he would be deported from Albania after completing his sentence.
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