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First Economic Forum addresses global crisis impact in Albania
PM Berisha, BoA Governorer, and the Head of Chamber of Commerce addressed the forum

“The global financial crisis is having its first effects in the Albanian economy. Given the situation, the government should take the necessary steps to boost domestic production.” Ardian Fullani, Bank of Albania Governor, gave his declaration during his speech at the First Economic Forum held by Chamber of Commerce. On the other hand, he insisted that Albanian banking system is healthy and the domino effects of the global crisis have been properly addressed.

“The global crisis, even though has yet to be felt in our country, has given us its first lectures and business should learn from these lessons in order to face the future. It is time for Albania to produce more goods then before, but there is always the need for better orientation and regulations,” said Fullani.

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EULEX and the Future of Kosovo
The UN gave the green light for the establishment of the EULEX mission in Kosovo. However, the fact that this mission will be natural towards the status of Kosovo raises serious questions about the future of Kosovo as a multiethnic state, as a unitary state and as a functional state. EULEX, according to the report of the Security Council will be neutral towards the status of Kosovo, although the mission is designated by the Ahtisari Plan!
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Basha says Albania may take next step in EU bid
TIRANA, Nov 25 - Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha said while in Brussels that time has come for the country to take the next step in its bid to become a European Union member that is the candidate status. “The time has come to take next step, which will be a reflection of Albania’s track record over the past years,” said Basha after meeting with EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn.
Business and Economy
Albania sets up atomic energy agency to focus on nuclear station construction
23 November 2008 Tirana -- The construction of a nuclear station in Albanian is an undeniable reality. The creation of the National Agency for Natural Resources, which will be under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Energy, is another indication that this station will soon be built in Albania.
Business and Economy
EBRD economies to slow sharply in 2009, Albanian growth 5 per cent
TIRANA, Nov 25 – Different figures from the international community on Albania’s growth next year, not inline with those coming from the Tirana executive, but still lower than them. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development said growth in the EBRD region was likely to fall sharply in 2009 in the face of global economic slowdown and financial market turbulence and it urged the countries where it invests to place a high priority on the stabilization of their banking systems.
Albania: Interview by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lulzim Basha for RTK, Radio Kosovo and Blue Sky
TIRANA, Nov 24 – Albania will strongly support Kosovar’s stand on the installation of the European mission in Kosova, Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha said. "I could first say that Tirana stands, and shall always stand, on Prishtina's side. We shall vigorously support, without any reservation, hesitation and in the fullest imaginable way the Prishtina authorities, as the only legitimate authorities for such decisions, both for this process or for any other process related to the thorough implementation
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