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Berlusconi comes with billions of Euros
TIRANA, Dec 2 - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi visited Albania while on a one-day trip on Tuesday during which agreements were signed for projects worth more than 2 billion Euros.

Among the projects agreed to were construction of a re-gasification plant in Fieri district, 62 miles, (100 kilometers) south of Tirana, to be operated by the Italian Campobasso-based group Falcione. Also, the Agrigento-based Moncada Energy Group S.r.l. will construct a large wind farm on the Karaburun peninsula 93 miles (150 kilometers) south-west of Tirana.

The regasification plant will cost 800 million Euros and will process liquid gas and also produce energy to be sold on the international market.

The wind farm is also a major project, expected to cost 1.2 billion Euros, including an underwater interconnection power line. It will produce 500 MGWs of power.

These mega projects, and others being planned, will supply all of Albania’s energy needs and also turn it into a regional energy source.
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Albania's signing of two agreements with Italy in the energy field, worth 2 billion Euros, marks another phase in the relations between the two neighboring countries whose shores are jointly washed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea. The projects, to be implemented by Italian companies and supply both the Albanian and Italian markets
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