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Electoral Campaign In Full Gear
TIRANA June 17 – Less than two weeks ahead of the June 28 parliamentary polls the country is in full gear and listening with rapt attention to the electoral campaign slogans, shouts and pledges of a better life in the very near future.

The political fight has also turned into harsh words against one another.

Prime Minister Sali Berisha, of the governing Democratic Party, ironically repeats that his opponent, Edi Rama of the main opposition Socialist Party, is not entitled to continue the campaign as he has excluded himself from the list of candidates in order to keep and preserve his post as mayor of Tirana.

Rama, for his part, loudly threatens that no one, that is Berisha and his party, can steal the vote of Albanians, referring to their accusation of manipulation of the voters list and the distribution of the new identity cards.

Along those lines, the fight on the success/failure of the distribution of the new identity cards continues every day. The government says that nearly 1.4 million Albanians have applied and strongly calls on them to go and pick up their cards.
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All at sea
Just ten days before the conduct of the parliamentary election what can be safely asserted is a state of absolute confusion regarding the offers of Albania’s political parties to their electorate; an absolute lack of clarity regarding voter behaviour; uncertainty over the administration of the electoral process; uncertainty over the behaviour of the international referee; and last but not least,
Freedom Fest on Pristine Year
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Scutarine history through consular building
Arts and Culture
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No Debate, No Media, No Allies
In one week’s time the campaign of the parliamentary elections will draw to a close; 24 hours later the Albanians will cast their votes confirming another four year term for Prime Minister Berisha or their will to try out Tirana’s Mayor Edi Rama. The campaign drawing to a close is unprecedented in Albania, for at last three elements: First, this campaign lacks confrontation, an exchange of opinions. After six parliamentary elections run on a majoritarian electoral system (1991, 1992, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2005)
Visa, A Hot Political Issue
TIRANA, June 16 – Albania’s politics gave a different assessment after EU foreign ministers discussed visa liberalization on Monday. Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha said that Europe’s decision was “a major step towards the process of removing the visas regime with the Western Balkan countries and fulfilling the desire of our citizens to move freely and without visas in Europe.” The opposition and the local media said that Albania had failed to meet the EU criteria for the visa liberalization, unlike FYROM, Montenegro, and Serbia.
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Albania, IMF Back Again?
TIRANA, June 15—During his electoral campaign, Premier Berisha has many times denied the International Monetary Fund was to have a new mandate in Albania. On the other side, opposition leader Edi Rama has included a new agreement with IMF in the top priorities of the next legislation if his side is to win in the June 28th elections. At the end of the IMF’s last mandate in January 2009, Berisha refused to agree to a new proposal with the international institution
Business and Economy
Poll Pledges On Taxes
TIRANA, June 18—The budget is the main instrument for a successful mandate. It is the quantity of the budget that decides how many kilometers of roads will be constructed and reconstructed, how many new schools and hospitals will be built, and what salary and pension increases will be. As a result, it is understandable that fiscal policies are a top priority on the agenda of political camps as they compete for the June 28th election. And like all promises, some are doable,
Is the economic climate improving?
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