Prosecutors seek parliament's permission to arrest Doshi, Frroku

Tirana Times
By Tirana Times March 20, 2015 15:19
Tom Doshi (front) Frroku (middle)

Tom Doshi (front), Mark Frroku (middle)

The two lawmakers are wanted on charges of fabricating the story of an assassination plot, according to the General Prosecutor's Office

TIRANA, March 20 – Albania's General Prosecutor's Office has asked parliament for permission to arrest two lawmakers, Tom Doshi and Mark Frroku.

Prosecutors believe they lied to law enforcement officials investigating claims by Doshi that he and another MP had been a target of assassination.

In a statement, prosecutors said the two MPs are suspected of criminal offenses tied to filing false charges and making "false statements to prosecutors."

The request to make the arrests comes following an intense investigation that started after Doshi claimed publicly that Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta had paid an assassin to murder Doshi and another MP, Mhill Fufi of the opposition Democratic Party.

Doshi made the claims after he was expelled from the ruling Socialist Party's parliamentary group. He then said Frroku, another ruling coalition MP and a personal friend, was the one who had warned him of the plot. Frroku has publicly denied any involvement.

The General Prosecutor's Office noted that “the investigation has found reasonable doubt” that Doshi “fabricated the story.”

It added that there was no concrete and reliable proof that the plot to assassinate Doshi was real.

The investigators have concluded that Doshi and Frroku made up the story with the help of Burim Bami, the would-be assassin who Doshi said had warned Frroku instead of carrying the attack.

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Tirana Times
By Tirana Times March 20, 2015 15:19