Opposition seeks early parliamentary elections

Tirana Times
By Tirana Times October 1, 2019 11:15

Opposition seeks early parliamentary elections

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  • The opposition has estimated that the political crisis can be overcome by early parliamentary and local elections on the same day.

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TIRANA, Oct. 1 - The opposition's Democratic Party is preparing its branches for early parliamentary elections, according to data from a meeting on Sunday.

The opposition has estimated that the political crisis can be overcome by early parliamentary and local elections on the same day.

The Socialists, meanwhile, have called on the opposition for dialogue in the institutions, stressing that the next elections will be held by the end of their second term.

The leadership of the opposition DP and members of its former parliamentary group held a meeting to discuss the greater commitment of local party structures.

The leader of DP Lulzim Basha, according to data from the meeting, has urged all those present to disperse as soon as possible in circles and to increase and revitalize party membership.

Basha has said, according to reliable sources, that the DP should prepare for early parliamentary and local elections on the same day, so the entire party should meet citizens on the ground.

He said that Albania's deep political crisis can only be resolved by early elections.

According to him, the OSCE/ODIHR report on local elections and the Bundestag resolution have offered the real evaluation of the situation, so resolving the crisis remains the main goal of the opposition, and that this only comes from addressing the sovereign with free and fair elections.

Basha expressed hope that by mid-October there would be no negative interference with EU decisions on the fate of negotiations with Albania.

However, he also stressed that no one should be under the illusion that opposition action will be stopped or that the opposition will back down, but alongside the opposition movement the Democratic Party's program and ruling alternative will continue.

Thus the participants of the meeting have made it clear that there will be no protests until October 18, though the demand and readiness of the citizens is high, that there will soon be early elections with a transitional government and that party branches need to be prepared.

Alongside EU expectations for integration, another reason the DP is maintaining patience in this period is the fragile climate of dialogue that has just initiated at the OSCE-organized roundtable on electoral reform.  

Participants in the PD meeting claimed that the opposition sees electoral reform as the first step in resolving the political crisis and early elections, and therefore does not want to be blamed for damaging this dialogue process.

The DP said that the parliamentary commission on electoral reform is illegitimate, and it is proposing a commission with representatives of the main parties and the participation of international representatives.

In addition, the DP is working on an anti-crisis package, which aims to assist the fight against crime and the growth of the economy.

The opposition has estimated that the political crisis is multifaceted and that no time is wasted with pre-election preparations, so it is setting up an election headquarters in the center, which will spread throughout the country.

The Socialist majority has rejected opposition demands for an international electoral reform commission, and has called on oppositionists to dialogue in institutions, denying even the presence of a political crisis in the country. 

The Socialists are continuing their governing at the central and local levels, dismissing the possibility of early elections.

They did not seem concerned, but enthusiastic about the German parliament's demands for judicial reform and prosecution of corrupt officials and judges.

The DP's five-point electoral reform plan 

Meanwhile, Basha presented on Wednesday the opposition's own electoral reform plan, which is one of the main conditions for Albania's opening of EU negotiations, and also sent the document to Rama.

The document was also handed in to the OSCE/ODIHR presences in Albania during last week's roundtable organized to initiate dialogue among all electoral sides on the electoral reform. 

Among the oppositions conditions, which included transparent, all-inclusive and public discussions attended by civil society and public interest groups representatives, stood out the requirement that no person or institution that should be convicted of electoral crimes should have legitimacy over drafting new electoral reform plan. 


Tirana Times
By Tirana Times October 1, 2019 11:15