Albanian cartoonist claims Cyprus award

Tirana Times
By Tirana Times October 19, 2018 11:27

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  • Artist and architect Arben Meksi tries to keep the art of Albanian architecture alive by participating in international activities and competitions, and has subsequently won a special award for his Peace Dove caricature.

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meksiTIRANA. Oct. 14 – Artist Arben Meksi was given the Special Award for his participation with a caricature at the International Competition for International Caricature which was held on Oct. 7 at Kyrenia in Cyprus.

The caricature which was displayed was the Peace Dove which holds an olive branch in its beak, the nest hanging from its feet, flying over a scenery with cut trees, where all is black and nothingness. As the bird is on a dilemma to find a place to build its home, it implies the struggles that many people face in search for a home, sending thus a strong international message familiar to many Balkan and European countries.

The art of caricature in Albania seems to have been a sleeping beauty ready to be awaken. This has happened as the art medium has been sternly oppressed after the ‘90s, however, a few media have allowed some space for the art to be kept alive.

By exploiting his intellectual resources, Meksi, who is a renowned architect, has endeavored to promote caricature amongst his Albania peers, so the art won’t face a demise, but instead to develop. By participating with his own work in various international activities, he has tried to encourage fellow Albanian artists to attend as well, so the art of caricature will be kept at a certain international qualitative level.

With the latest appraisal, Meksi has proved he isn’t letting go of the art, but that he will try to keep the Albanian caricature up to date with international trends instead. He will keep representing it in such activities and adapt it to today’s concepts.

Meksi’s caricature has features of a partial genre, considering his architectural knowledge. He is usually economical in pictorial elements, preferring to leave space to thought depth. Each of his works has a universal character, an advantageous feature as it can communicate the message to various public.


Tirana Times
By Tirana Times October 19, 2018 11:27