Voices and Traces: a life’s display by Ahmet Yesil

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By Tirana Times February 22, 2019 14:13

Voices and Traces: a life’s display by Ahmet Yesil

By Sonja Methoxha


“With the belief that creating is a rebellion against life, leaving my life traces into unknown spaces within infinity, I try to augment by creating my own reality,” is written in the curatorial text prepared by Ummuhan Kazanc, for the exhibition Voices and Traces by Ahmet Yesil at the FAB Gallery.

That creating is a rebellion against life, is kind of paradoxical, as at the opening remarks of the exhibition Yesil said that “today when the world is overtaken by conflict, only artists with their creative language can ease the conflicts we face.” So, in that sense creating and being an artist is necessary, and Yesil does it in a very soothing manner.

People crowded the spaces of FAB Gallery pretty fast in the inauguration of this unique display, but I had a bit of time to ponder upon the contemplating paintings pictured with appeasing oil colors. Blue, purple, orange, red, brown hues are intertwined in expressions of feelings, drawn along Yesil’s distinct style of ropey designs.

The ropes represent life. The colors represent the dynamics of life. Each painting represents a feeling Yesil experienced at the time of composition.

He used a funny comparison saying that “expressionist painters would follow the colors of the day, whereas I follow the colors of my emotions at the time I am painting.” Because each painting represents his life and his world and reality.

Yet, he couldn’t speak of it, and that is why he paints, so his works can speak for him. And that is the exhibition is also titled Voices and Traces. He thinks of each person visiting the exhibition as a Voice, and each painting serves to leave a Trace at each individual.

“In reality, the marks of language which are left by the vocal waves of consciousness carries him [the artist] away along with the viewer into his adventure. These marks are the voice waves of artwork that cannot be heard sometimes, but that can be heard when we begin to ask. In reality the call of artwork is the images that affect us by establishing a communication. The reality that we names as marks, is an image sensation which can be obtained through the viewer's own truth…”

These are the enclosing sentences of the curatorial text, which express most clearly Yesil’s urge for the voices to interpret their own understanding out of his work. And although the rope pattern is perfectly linear, there are breaks to each painting by the added themes that ultimately express a sense of life, and what I also find to understand as a recognition of the unconsciousness.

My favorite painting from this exhibition that left the most traces in me is the following one. I asked Mr. Yesil to tell me what was he feeling at the time that he was composing this picture. After giving me [a rather pleasing answer] that he also liked the painting very much, he said that he was feeling love when he was giving life to this work.




Then I meditate that Yesil’s words are true, and we are appealed to images consciously or unconsciously corresponding at our own truths. Leaving in us traces we didn’t realize before. [my truth is that in life you only need love and art].

Ahmet Yesil is a renowned contemporary artist, born in Mersin of Turkey in 1954. He studied painting with painters Nuri Abaà§, Ä°lhan à‡evik and Ernà¼r Tà¼zà¼n from 1973 until 1985, and since 2015 he is part of the Dept. of Sociology at Anadolu University. In addition to private art collections in Turkey, he has paintings in important foreign collections mainly in Germany, America, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom. Ahmet YeŠŸil, is a member of the Unicef International Association of Plastic Arts. He has opened 105 personal exhibition so far, and joined 297 group and contest exhibitions. He has received 24 awards in national and international contests.

This exhibition comes in collaboration of the Turkish Embassy in Albania with the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Arts University in Tirana. It opened its doors to the public on Feb. 21 and will remain open until Mar. 5. Afterwards it will move to the USA, as Turkish Ambassador to Albania Murat Ahmet Yà¶rà¼k said.

Tirana Times
By Tirana Times February 22, 2019 14:13