Kosovo Embassy exhibits "Albanian Wildlife"

Tirana Times
By Tirana Times July 12, 2019 13:20

Kosovo Embassy exhibits

TIRANA, July 11- About 20 photos taken by Albanian artists for the "Albanian Wildlife" exhibition are displayed in the outer premises of the Embassy of Kosovo in Tirana, which will remain open until July 12. The natural world of wild animals and birds comes documented from photographers such as Besnik Jakupi, Arian Mavriqi, Lulzim Demaj, Ridvan Sokoli, etc., who demand a greater attention to this treasure that our country carries. Kosovo's ambassador Sylà« Ukshini, while talking about the importance of this exhibition, added that our society needs to be more sensitive towards this treasure so the animals won't go extinct in the future.

"When I contacted the Wildlife executives, with Arian Mavriqi, who talked to me about the idea of "‹"‹this exhibition, which seemed to me very interesting because we do not only have little information, but we are used to always talk about war and other situations," said Ambassador Ukshini.

They decided to expose these photos at the embassy, "‹"‹because the idea of "‹"‹the organizers was that the exhibition should be in nature. These pictures are enough to make one realize how rich the Albanian fauna is. They proposed that the curricula of Kosovo and Albania have such illustrative material from our country. The exhibition aims to artistically transmit the message of awareness to all Albanians, inside and outside the Albanian territories, thus increasing the love for the planet we live on.

Ukshini also added that nature has built its own balances. He said that flora and fauna can not live without each other because of this kind of balance. Thus, he urged everyone to be very careful and   invest in this direction. The Ambassador said that life is not just politics day in day out, because there are also beautiful things to be enjoyed beyond it. He nevertheless commented on the political situation that Albania is currently in, as the event also coincided with the latest demonstration.  

"To tell you the truth, you in Albania do demonstrations very often. When we decided on the date we did not know about it. But in spite of this,it has also given a taste to the exhibition," Ukshini said, adding that diplomatic representatives of other brotherly countries should not have to comment on the domestic political situation because it is the citizens who have their destiny in their hands. He expressed the desire for Albania to be calm, to have progress and to step up its negotiations for EU membership as soon as possible. "A powerful Albania is an advantage for Kosovo. A viable Kosovo is also an advantage for Albania," the ambassador said, adding that protesting is a democratic right.

He congratulated the fact that the protests were calm and that there was no clash of violence between law enforcement. Yet, he stressed again that Albanian domestic issues do not belong to the representatives of other countries, thus they should hold back their thoughts about where Albania should head and do.  



Tirana Times
By Tirana Times July 12, 2019 13:20